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Synthesia - Guitar Hero for piano!

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Anyone think the learning pack is a good buy? I already play piano but I can't sight read, has anyone of a similar skill level found it useful?

I can't sight read sheet music either. Learning songs using the learning pack / melody practice mode where the game waits for you to play the correct notes is the whole point of Synthesia in my opinion. So I would certainly recommend it.

Synthesia 0.8.3 was released a few days ago by the way.

It has a new song achievment system, a redesigned song/mode selection screen, cleaner game screen and all kinds of other fixes and improvements.

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It has been a while, but now there's a 8.4 version to download from synthesiagame.com. The leading zero has been dropped from the version number (0.8.4 -> 8.4) so don't get confused over the huge leap in version numbering.

There are all kinds of new stuff, like reorganized screens, better keyboard graphics and theming support, but the most important news is the Ipad version (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/synthesia/id579518445?ls=1&mt=8)

The Ipad version is the reason for the UI revamp in the desktop version and for dropping the zero from the version number as Apple doesn't allow anything that looks like a beta version into the app store. Synthesia certainly hasn't been a beta quality product for many years now.

The iPad download itself is free as with the desktop version, but in order to be able to play all the included songs and import your own MIDI files you have to buy a $5.99 or $6.99 in-app purchase; I'm not sure about the price since I see it in another currency in the Swedish app store. I bought it for my new 4:th-gen Ipad - actually, knowing that Synthesia was coming for the Ipad was the most important reason for me to buy one - and it works very well with my digital piano using the lightning-to-USB adapter. Having an Ipad in the sheet music stand of a digital piano is much easier than somehow trying to fit a laptop computer in front of the piano.

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