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  1. Isao Tomita passed away on the 5th. He was 84. If you like videogame music. . . *crickets* If you like anime soundtracks. . . *crickets* He wrote the soundtracks for numerous anime movies from the 1970s on but more importantly was a pioneer of the synthesiser in Japan much in the way that Wendy Carlos and Laurie Spiegel were pioneers in North America. He covered many classical pieces on his albums and would in the 1970s get some of his classical albums on the US Billboard classical charts. He was instructive for many synthesisists including Ryuichi Sakamoto of Yellow Magic Orchestra and establishing the sound pallette of Japan including our beloved greats of Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2016/05/08/music/isao-tomita-japanese-pioneer-of-synthesizer-music-dies-at-84/#.VzIsYNIrJph
  2. Modernism took longer to advance to the stage of art.
  3. There was some blowback for that single 7.5 review, especially regarding the critique that accompanied it.
  4. They are not looking for societal change specifically. They are looking for a broader and as a consequence, fairer representation of women (and other minorities.) That is what the critics are doing. They are calling for such. And is why Bayonetta gets such low reviews (7.5, not 9.0 or 10.0.) The belief is that if you have a broader representation of women, you will not have adolescent men growing up, playing lots of video games and reading lots of comic books, with women represented in a limited set of tropes, especially the Virgin-Whore duality. Because these limited set of tropes are especially confining for women looking to play games and later make games. Because you interpret a botched ending is several magnitudes more important than flimsy character development.
  5. The Southern Poverty Law Center is keeping its eye on Gamergate as a hate group. http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2014/10/16/hatewatch-headlines-101614/ http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/oct/13/gamergate-right-wing-no-neutral-stance
  6. I will let you dwell on that thought for a moment. Yup. So what is the issue here?
  7. And Newsweek steps in, for whatever its worth: Is GamerGate About Media Ethics or Harassing Women? Harassment, the Data Shows
  8. And yet there was rage when Mass Effect 3 had a poor ending. What happened after those who raged expressed their rage?
  9. No. If you think a game has an absolute disappointment of an ending, do you tell the developers that the game has a great disappointment of an ending?
  10. Sexual objectification is not wrong. It just has to have its place. If you are marketing a game for a broad audience, you will want to tone down the sexual objectification. Not everyone wants to play a game that also acts as erotica. I certainly don't. Game developers in Japan know this but can get away with it in Japan because it is such a male-oriented society. When they sell games in North America, they have to redact the rape scenes that they are fond of inserting into in Japanese games. Because apparently, there is a lot of rape scenes glibly put into Japanese games. Men want to be sexually objectified; women want to be sexually objectified. Just not all the time. And most certainly there is a large audience that wants their games to not be solely in the province of catering to sexual objectification. And certainly there is a large audience that wants games to not serve the monomania of adolescent male fantasy.
  11. Oh, this is precious. Oh I know what the wikipedia article is. It is also wise to note that many of the arguments that comprise third wave feminism were being put forth in the 1970s. Basically, Third Wave Feminism is meant to address the issues of "Hey, we now have jobs, what is the next issue we have to deal with?" They coined the term in the early 90s because they realised what was happening. Looking for writers working on the concepts of this so-called third wave need you to no further than to look at the work of Joan Wallach Scott and Charlotte Zolotow. Sorry, the post was written impromptu while I was at work. So it was written and edited in small parts, in short spans. Call what you may about the shit I write, might you take the time to smell your own perfume. Thank you very much.
  12. First three pages read exactly like cherry picking ("oh, and look at this! this supports my theory! oh and look at this! this too!") A very obnoxious style of writing with little explanation of how they are congruent and whether or not the theory he espouses has been modified to account for the phenomenon he reports on. Will continue reading, but I hope he breaks out of this pattern because it is not pretty. Edit: at page five, he starts to recognise Third Wave Feminism. Hey buddy, Third Wave Feminism has been around since the 70s. Glad you're just cluing in. (refering to the author.) Hm, this book was written during the crisis in evolutionary psychology in 2000s. That was during the time professors were kicked out of schools for academic chicanery (Kanazawa) and certain major proponents were explicitly supporting exceptionally reactionary causes (Charles Murray, Rushton's Pioneer Fund.) In fact, I am begining to see why Pinker's work would be dismissed by various academics including scientists in the harder sciences, as something beset by strawman fallacies. He scarcely demonstrates whether or not he has an understanding of the arguments made by those he pillories. Perhaps in the 10s, the science has improved considerably. In fact, I think the 00s have been a revelatory period. You might want to use more recent works in the science than something that is twelve years old.
  13. Oh brother, it has come down to this? Really? College rape is a serious issue in the United States (and Canada.) There are perverse incentives to not investigate and prosecute incidents of rapes on college campuses. Of the biggest perversions is the brand massaging done by college administrations to play down the number of rapes that occur on their campuses lest they have their brand impaired by accusations of being unsafe campuses. This is especially a big problem on private campuses, less so on public campuses and is one of the biggest reasons that the discussion is most agitated around private campuses. Public campuses, your community college and your state universities, have given indication that they are working on this issue.
  14. No, it was a viral campaign to draw clicks onto their site so they can make a bunch of revenue. Troll-dweebs making a quick buck.
  15. I was led to this site during high school. I didn't have any friends after high school so who was I supposed to draw in? I met someone back in 2006 who was already a member so I couldn't draw him in already.
  16. Sexualised content is okay if you intend to target the audience that finds that sexualised content okay. Problem is that target audience is smaller than the maximum audience. The problem is that when you are going after the maximum audience for maximum ability to recuperate the costs of production and marketing, you have to cater to the much smaller audience first lest you make them veeeeery angry. And that is a problem in the industry. The American recording industry had a similar problem in the 1950s. You could have black artists recording but they had to cater to white audiences and, more often than not, those given AAA release budgets were white artists. It just was the way things were done. Capitol and Atlantic (and later A&M) Records came along releasing at first what was called rhythm and blues and later rock and roll with integrated artists. This created much acrimony and people frustrated that they had to integrate this music and it was this controversy that propelled those labels into becoming the largest labels around. What you are seeing now in the North American and European game development industries is the emergence of companies are that are gunning for the largest markets which now include older women. The share older women take up in the gaming market is as much or larger than younger men and the industry is beginning to recognise that. My mom now plays more videogames than I do. You know what, I don't care that they play games more than I do. This shift is important and it requires a rethink of how one designs their games, especially in the visual side of the game. That is why in Bioshock Infinite, despite the distributor nudging the cover art to exclude Elizabeth despite the prominence of that character in the game, it does not dress the female characters impractically. And you know what, it does not take anything away from the game. If you're given an AAA budget to produce a game and you only go after half the potential market, you really have to go after it. Do not be lazy and assume that what you did ten years ago for a market that was much different than now is going to fly so well. Eventually, you're going to face pressure from investors giving you those budgets.
  17. Mm, you have one point that I agree with. It is most certainly refreshing and it is most certainly different from the D&D/Tolkien based fantasy. But I have to say that simply including sex does not make it more realistic, especially if the sex depicted is not itself realistic.
  18. Hm, interesting. I don't find Game of Thrones all that realistic. I find it rather seeking the salacious and only the salacious from a generalised single view point, to the point that other salacious events are either subject to caricature or otherwise downplayed. In other words, same as it ever was. The only thing I can give it credit for is the moral ambiguity of the characters, otherwise it is just a bloody soap opera. A very fun soap opera though.
  19. Does OCR have a like button around here or something? All that said, I have real grave suspicions about #gamergate. It is one of the lamest scandals I have ever tried bothering time with. Ugh.
  20. Command & Conquer: Renegade - Loved the game to bits but I never made it past the Mountain Chalet, I think. Kiss: Psycho Circus - I made it at least halfway. Beat the first two realms and stuck at the third realm with the fourth realm unaccessible. I want to mention Will Rock because I almost made it to the first boss. Almost.
  21. All of those examples were great. Thanks.
  22. More subdued which is what I like.
  23. Well, it isn't about changing my mind. It's about seeking those who are not so hot about horns.
  24. I can love many cliches, but the unpleasantness of the squeal can make it unbearable. I'd love it if there was a subdued horn craze or strain.
  25. Over-generalising? Sure. But it makes it really difficult when trying to find decent works with good solos, especially when the characteristics I listed are so highly desired by jazz fans, apparently.
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