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Korobeiniki Balalaika - Tetris Medley

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Right now, the textures are still very thin, despite the harmonies going on. This is probably due to a lack of defined low-end (bass). Also you need to do more to reinterpret the source, it seems like you start to give more interpretation as the song goes on, but the beginning is verbatim. You need to really mix it up all around...you seem to understand chords and harmony pretty well, so this shouldnt be hard for u. Just keep it up : )

Oh yeah, word of advice: One reason u might not have been getting any hits is because ur using file factory....usually people like to be able to click the link and get right to the file without the tedium of text boxes and other little inconveniences.....I would suggest creating a googlepage. Its quick to make and easy to use.

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One reason u might not have been getting any hits is because ur using file factory

This is true.

Anyway, outside of the already-mentioned lack of originality there's not much to say other than it doesn't really go anywhere. It plots along and, though the tempo changes and some different things come and go, it feels very much the same throughout the entire song. Nothing that really stands out or leaves a lasting impression once it's finished. There's more in the way of dynamics than in your previous WIPs, but it's still not enough...especially given the fact that you've kept it in the same style as the original. Change the genre or something, take some chances. It's progress, but there's still a long road ahead.

....and it needs a real ending.

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