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Trickster Online - Phantom School

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Hello everyone,

Just making a silly little request for a remix... it's from one of my favorite little games known as Trickster Online. The music comes from the area known as the "Phantom School". The music in this area is dark, creepy, and a little mischievous. There are two sections to the school, and two different haunting scores...

Links to music files:

Part 1: "Ghost School"

Part 2: "Deep in the Ghost School"

My request for this remix is simply, a medley of the two combined into an even darker, spookier, and more mischievous song. Less repetitive, and more of a standalone song than background music. Synthesizing probably wouldn't work too well with this, but you never know.

Anyways... if any of you remixers really like making spooky, haunting remixes then you'd probably enjoy this.

I know my request probably won't even be answered... I'm sure most people have never even heard of the game. XD If someone should happen to want to make this remix though, I shall be very thankful, as for some reason I enjoy these two songs immensely.

Thank you in advance.


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Well... it's been a bit so I'll just give this a small bump.

Judging from how few views the request even got throughout the past week or so I doubt highly if anyone will take my request, which is fine I wasn't really expecting anyone to anyways. =P

I'd appreciate it highly, but if not... this'll be the only time I bother with bumping this.

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