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  1. Well... it's been a bit so I'll just give this a small bump. Judging from how few views the request even got throughout the past week or so I doubt highly if anyone will take my request, which is fine I wasn't really expecting anyone to anyways. =P I'd appreciate it highly, but if not... this'll be the only time I bother with bumping this.
  2. Hello everyone, Just making a silly little request for a remix... it's from one of my favorite little games known as Trickster Online. The music comes from the area known as the "Phantom School". The music in this area is dark, creepy, and a little mischievous. There are two sections to the school, and two different haunting scores... Links to music files: Part 1: "Ghost School" http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=bcaa22827a77e1f6e14db33ee2308f6b Part 2: "Deep in the Ghost School" http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=bf6d12c6347ba015a05c061e2321239b My request for this remix is simply, a medley of the two combined into an even darker, spookier, and more mischievous song. Less repetitive, and more of a standalone song than background music. Synthesizing probably wouldn't work too well with this, but you never know. Anyways... if any of you remixers really like making spooky, haunting remixes then you'd probably enjoy this. I know my request probably won't even be answered... I'm sure most people have never even heard of the game. XD If someone should happen to want to make this remix though, I shall be very thankful, as for some reason I enjoy these two songs immensely. Thank you in advance. -Pink
  3. This remix here is definitely something out of the ordinary... not your typical remix, and covering an equally bizzare theme too! I've always found the Marble Garden Zone music to be rather strange... and I respectively hated the stage in the game itself... The intro to this remix is kinda dry... I didn't like it very much personally... but once the main feel of the remix came in at 0:34 with the lyrics things certainly picked up. Speaking of the lyrics... they get a serious WTF. I can't even understand what's being said half the time... but I will admit, I personally can't stand lyrics, but the singing in this piece was actually good. I can listen to this remix repeatedly without it getting on my nerves, which is a huge step for any lyrical piece put in front of me. Sticking closely to the original melody did this remix plenty of good, it makes the song easy-listening and easy to get lost in the beat. Definitely enjoyable to listen to, and disturbingly catchy. Production, as has been commented on, is solid. There's nothing negative to be said about it, heck the arrangements, even if somewhat minor, are still perfect for the piece. Although I do enjoy the remix "Pure Black, or Marbles and Cream?" more than "Knuckleduster"... I'll admit that the latter is more fitting within Project Chaos. The remix keeps up with the solid quality present in Project Chaos and is certainly one of the better songs within it. Anyone that liked the original Marble Garden Zone music will probably get a kick out of this. Even if I do enjoy a well-done MIDI version of the original more than this remix, that's a matter of personal taste, and quite frankly, I recommend everyone at least give this a listen or two. It can take a couple of loopings to get the feel for it, so don't toss this song away too lightly!
  4. Everything works just fine for me... except the occasional clicks from my crappy soundcard, but that's to be expected (Stupid useless Dell laptop soundcards...). Finally... a remix project on this site that I not only like... I absolutely adore it. Project Chaos definitely gets the paws down vote of Best Project so far for me. XD This is most likely due to my typical genre biases, but hey, it's a really well-done project and I'm certainly impressed. Great work to all those who contributed, Project Chaos will definitely be a treasure here on OC.
  5. Not precisely what I was expecting right here... especially from the title. Oh well... guess it's true what they say, "You can't judge a book by its cover." Now then... I think some of my words are going to come from personal preferences, but I do find that there's plenty of things to note on about this remix. Although it's true that the guitar work was quite nice... there was one glaring error that was driving me nuts... the remix was FAR too quiet. I had to literally turn my laptop speakers up to max in order to hear it clearly... and there was no other noise around me either. This makes the song effectively useless in any of my playlists because of the severe volume mis-balance. That was probably my biggest beef with the song. Another thing was, now this is probably more personal preference than anything, that I found the song very boring after awhile. It didn't seem like anything particularly new was being done after the first minute or two to the point where I was thinking "how much longer" was it going to go on? This mixed, once again, with the low volume level made the piece sound incredibly empty. I can't help but be critical on this remix because it just did not sit well with me. The arrangement is good, but I think it could've been far better with maybe one more instrument and a severe volume boost. I can't really recommend this to anyone, it just feels like it needs a lot more work on finishing touches.
  6. Hahaha, now THIS is a pretty cool remix. That light and bouncy underwater theme that we all can probably recognize so easily. I swear the underwater theme sticks in my head a lot easier than the main theme does. Despite the mainly guitar lead in this song, the remix still keeps that light and bouncy feel the surce had as it bounds along into harder and softer areas. There's a decent amount of original work in here to help stretch out the remix some more and make it more interesting to listen to. This is one of those remixes that you could just picture being used as a song for something's credits to scroll by to. As with almost all the remixes that I really like on this site, the production quality is high and everything goes together quite smoothly. I really like the parts during the sound where the guitar takes those three ascending notes of the main melody. It sounds kinda like Mario's swimming upward to the rhythm. I'm quite happy to finally see an exceptional remix of this source tune. It's pretty well my favourite from the original game and to give it such a well-deserved reworking pleases me greatly. Congrats to the remixer on putting together a fine arrangement indeed. I recommend this to everyone since it has a nice and unique feel to it. You've got to at least listen to it once.
  7. Hehehe, this mix here has some really cool sounding drum-set work. I love that funky little riff the snare drum plays throughout the song. It provides a great little background rhythem to go with this funky song. I'm not precisely sure why this is titled "Super Mario Blues" as it's a lot jazzier and peppier than a blues song. There's no slow, depressing rhythem to make it feel like a blues piece. The song is still quite good though and is quite easy, and enjoyable to listen to. Although this is one of those source tunes that basically anyone will recognize, it's a nice butchering of the original song to get something a bit more unique. It's not quite jazz, it's not quite funk, and it's not quite blues. I dunno what the heck to call it, other than good of course. It's a piece that is now on my hard-drive and I recommend at least giving it a listen to everyone!
  8. I've yet to come across a song by Disco Dan that doesn't use the "additive and subtractive" methods of intro and ending in his songs. The additive also tends to be a lot more dragged out than the subtractive in his works most of the time. This remix is no exception, as it starts out with a simple beat, and slowly works its way into the full melody. Snake Man's theme has always been one of the stranger ones out there from all the Mega Man games, but it's still catchy and enjoyable just like all the rest. Disco Dan gives this one a good do-over that keeps enough of the original feel that it could work in place of the original song. This is one of those songs I've had for ages on this site and it has still survived the amount of songs I had to cut off my playlist (because my MP3 player only has 512MB which turned out to be about 512MB short of what I need. XD). This is really a typical Disco Dan remix. It's a techno Mega Man remix with the additive intro and subtractive ending, coupled with a more subtle techno dance groove. Personally I recommend that this is worth a listen to everyone. If you like it, that's good, if you don't like it, that's fine too. It's all a matter of personal taste.
  9. Hmm... even being a fan of rock, I don't much like the intro to this remix. It sounds unclean and messy. Probably could've used a bit more refinement. I actually played Mega Man 3 on my long bus ride yesterday... so all these source tunes are fresh in my head. I must say the remixing of Shadow Man's stage is quite welcomed. Such a cool theme, but so neglected. Top Man's theme being another neglected one... but it's not in this mix. The transition into Snake Man's theme was another slightly shakey spot for me, it probably could've been done in a better way, but it's still alright nontheless. The remix does a good job of keeping a consistent style and energy level, constantly trying to keep the listener on their toes for any sudden changes. The last thing I can think of that kinda bugged me was the very beginning of the credits music. There was this wah effect that simply sounded like a mess in comparison with the rest. Despite a lot of shakiness though, the remix is quite above average, and although there's less arrangement than a lot of remixing out there, it is still a solid remix and deserves a listen. Two listens actually... I find the remix tends to get a bad impression on the first listen, and then is much more pleasing the second time around (probably because of the intro). My recommendation on it... fans of rock, don't be too harsh the first listen, and give it a second listen just to make sure you can catch all the good stuff. People who aren't fans of rock... this remix is "slightly" different from most rock songs on this site, so it may be worth your attention.
  10. Before I review this here mix... there was no need to draw unnecessary attention to Lulza's gender in the write-up... things like that, as well as Arek's reaction, are good examples of why more girls are hesitant to join these kinds of sites in the first place. Now then... As a fan of rock, it only took a matter of seconds for me to start enjoying this track immensely. There's nothing sloppy about it at all which makes it even more pleasing to the ear. It's easy to see how this won first place at DoD, it is extremely well done! It's nice to finally see a remix that at least touched on what I find is one of the most neglected Chrono Trigger songs of all. The main battle theme... I just never hear a solid remix of it, but Lulza gives us a little treat here with a small section dedicated to that funky little theme that was quite addictive. Although I have not heard most of the source material (I was never a big player of the FF series), the song is still incredibly enjoyable and energetic. Definitely a great song to give you a kick of energy when you need it! All and all... this here's an incredibly rock remix! If you are a fan of heavy rock songs, download this NOW or you MUST be hit over the head with something blunt! While those that aren't fans of rock should probably stray away... as this is rock at its core!
  11. *bobs her head continually and taps out that swingin' beat* This one here is definitely a classic. This song is a real treat to jazz lovers out there, and myself, having been a percussionist who's played a lot of jazz songs before, can really appreciate the talent behind this work. The arrangement, rhythm... everything is crisp, clear, and very professionally done. I could listen to this song for hours upon hours and not get bored (In fact I already did that this afternoon while playing one of my games. XD)! This remix really brings justice to that old catchy overworld tune from Super Mario Brothers 2. Even though the game was my least favourite of the series... it still had catchy music. Every element of jazz is put together nicely here. From swingin' saxes, to raunchy bass, to peppy and high-energy trumpets! I could easily picture the band just swinging left and right and bobbing to the beat of the song. Methinks they should submit more of their works. That's all I can really think of to say, but hey, this here song is EXTREMELY recommended! Especially to those jazz fans out there! Listen now!
  12. Interesting mix we've got here... it's a rather enjoyable piece that just seems to keep bouncing along all the way through. The energy presented could make the listener feel all peppy and happy as they listen to the flute bounce and spring from one section to the next. The remix itself is not really too my taste... I just didn't like having the flute as the lead as it made the rest of the instruments sound a tad "hollow" to me because I'm not all that comfortable with a flute leading the types of other instruments that were in the background. A more solid base line might have fixed that up for me. In the end though, the song managed to hold my attention for its entire length so it's still pretty good. I'd recommend this to just about anyone really, just give it a listen and see whether or not you like it.
  13. Here's an unusual little diddy... which is... of course... trance in general. Trance has never really been something I can get into... it's just not catchy enough and tends to sound weird. This song makes no exception since it has the usual repetitive synth, weird background sounds, and an over-used catchy section. It's perfect for those trance fans out there, but that isn't me. The production is fairly smooth, not real noticeable balance issues. The arrangement could have been better, but it's not bad either. Maybe just a wee bit more variation to the melody... if there is a noticeable melody in trance. So basically... trance fans go ahead and listen... anybody else... well... I dunno what to recommend.
  14. This is one of those mixes where I can't really decide whether I like it or not... The production has noticeable holes and isn't balanced in a few spots... but on the other hand the song is quite peppy and enjoyable. Sadly it has the feel of one of those songs you tire from quickly. This probably could've used a bit more refinement before being submitted and it would've been just that much better. This sort of song doesn't really appeal to me too much, it just tends to get lost in the background instead of drawing out my attention. It'd be one of those songs that I'd give a 3 out of 5 stars if I heard it on the Ormgas stream. This song isn't too bad though, it's pretty average and certainly isn't terrible. It's worth a listen, who knows, you might like it!
  15. Hmmm... this is definitely a "different" style to the Magus battle theme. I can easily recognize the original melody, which is a good thing of course, and it's all wrapped up in one bizarre little package. The remix is quite high-energy and fast-paced... and for me at least... most of all... it's just WEIRD! Of course, I've never been one for this particular genre of music because I just find the weird, shifting synth-effects to be unpleasant to the ears. Needless to say though, the actual production quality of the remix is top notch, which is to be expected from someone as experienced as Beatdrop is. Everything came together quite nicely and the song itself is just right. This is one of those songs that just aren't to my liking... but for those of you that like this genre, it shouldn't disappoint!
  16. Hmm... this is certainly a bit of a different take on the Storm Eagle stage theme... it's slower... more relaxed... and much less intense than the original. The remix itself is very well done and all put together nicely. It's enjoyable to listen to and there's nothing that's delayed, off-key, etc. I've had this remix for quite some time... it was one of the first remixes I downloaded from OC. The only real problem I've had with it for awhile though is that I just do not like the ending... it contrasts just a bit too much to the rest of the song for me. The song would've been better if the ending section was chopped off entirely, for me at least. Either way... this remix is still recommended to me to most people out there, since it's calmer than most songs that are considered rock, so even those that don't like rock may enjoy this mix.
  17. Oooh I love listening to this song from time to time! What we have here is a short, peppy, extremely "HAPPY" piece! If you need a little spark to put more spring into your step, turn on this song! I really wish the actual BGM for Super Mario Land could've been this one... but unfortunatly... the Game Boy isn't the most... hmmm... "potent" device for music... I'd love to see another remix done for the more oriental BGM that you hear later in the game because it's also a great song. The only possible complaint I could bring up about this remix is just how short it is... it's so peppy... but it's gone so fast. Definitely a good remix right here. It's well worth a listen.
  18. Hahaha... now HERE'S a classic remix on OC. What's probably one of the more recognized songs out there because of that crazy little flash animation on Newgrounds. Much like several others have stated, I saw the flash animation before listening to the actual song... the flash was okay, but the song itself is hilarious! I especially like how the background music playing with the lyrics is still good. It's all peppy and goofy sounding that you could skip to... perfect for a ROBOVoice song! My favourite spot of this goofy little remix is the lines... "With music by Nobou, and graphics by Wong-Chuuuuuuu!" ...for some reason that makes me laugh every single time. XD This is definitely one of the more unique remixes on the site and this sort of thing is highly encouraged by any of those capable of it. As for my recommendation... if you get a laugh out of silly things, go for this remix now!
  19. Aha! See? Not heavy rock this time... Aaaanyways... here we have yet another of my favourite remixes on this site... by one of my favourite remixers McVaffe! (Even though I very much HATE the McAfee virus scanner... and McVaffe's remixing name reminds me of it.) McVaffe touches on one of those themes that I'm downright surprised there hasn't been more remixes of... the dark world theme! The song is just awsome in its original form and has a lot of potential for more uses... much like this remix shows in its first half. Speaking of the beginning section of the song... the thai bell intro to this song really reminds me of that EXTREMELY over-remixed Chrono Trigger song for the floating land of Zeal. The intro is indeed appropriate... but it'll always give me that feel. This song is so incredibly peaceful and easy-listening... its perfect for when you're just relaxing and taking it easy... or maybe just trying to catch a quick nap. Every piece of this mix is well put together and very solid. There's no noticeable glitches anywhere at all. It's really a shame that this seems to be the last remix that McVaffe is going to submit here at OC... he really knows what he's doing when it comes to these arrangements. I've had this song on my playlist ever since the first time I heard it, and I don't think it's going anywhere for awhile since it's one of, if not my favourite easy-listening songs in my collection. I'll just have to keep a lookout on McVaffe's homepage for any signs of new remixes. This is one of those songs that I highly recommend to everybody!
  20. I'm basically reviewing all of my favourite remixes on the site currently... (I'll review something that isn't heavy rock next I swear!), so here we go again with another one of my favourites "Seized with Fury"! The game itself really, REALLY bored me when it comes to Final Fantasy 6... but at the very least... it had a great soundtrack! This remix does what a few remixes can pull off and takes the original song... and makes it much, much better! Clip out a few sections of this remix here and there, and you'd get an awsome replacement for the original boss music! (I've actually seen someone do this for a game... it fit extremely well. Hehe.) From fast sections, to slow sections, to more creative sections this remix continues to please. The dynamical changes are appropriate and can catch you off guard if you're not paying attention, as the song can very suddenly get much louder or much softer at any given time. I would absolutely LOVE to see this remix performed live, even if it would be extremely difficult. You'd just have to leave out the intro effects... those would be kinda hard... This is another one of those remixes I can leave looping for hours on end if I'm doing something fairly fast paced... it's also great to listen to when I literally am seized with fury. It lets me rid myself of the energy through the music instead of doing something violent. This song also succeeds in sending a chill down my spine and making my fur stand on end (Don't ask). This only tends to happen when I listen to songs that I particularly enjoy, so good job on this excellent remix! As is the norm with the heavy rock songs I really enjoy... highly recommended to the rock fans out there, and highly unrecommended for the dislikers of rock.
  21. Another of my favourite remixes on the site right here! (More rock... gee imagine that! ) With another high-energy, head-banging mix by that crazy, guitar-playing Goat! (Maybe a few too many adjectives) The song itself starts out fairly subtle with the helicopter intro and the mysterious opening... and then... with a VERY old fashioned machine-gun sound... everything kicks into high gear presenting Goat doing what he does best! I find this song has a very "final" feel to it... like it'd be perfect for some game's final battle theme or something like that. One of the things that give me this feel are those weird guitar riffs that are used throughout the song. They have that big, bad, evil feel that you'd expect from some kind of super villain out to destroy whatever. Goat's lead guitar that he uses in every mix of his I've ever listened to never fails to be pleasing to my ears, and it fits well into this song just like all the others. This is one of those you just wouldn't listen to when doing something slow-paced... like studying for the Chemistry test you have the next day... >.> I've never really played this old game, but all I know is... no NES music can compare with this kind of a remix. Excellent job Goat, and this mix is highly recommended by me to those fellow rock fans out there... and once again... severely not recommended for those that don't like heavy rock.
  22. This here is definitely one of my favourite remixes on the entire website. Mega Man X has always been a game I like to play every now and then, and it has always had the same great soundtrack. Brainsick Metal takes some of the better songs from this soundtrack, merges them together, and greatly improves them! There's been days where this song just looped and looped and looped and I didn't want to change it because it fits my preferences for music so incredibly well! For me, the song really comes on strong halfway through the Storm Eagle section of the song where the rest of the instuments come in, from then on out it's just so intense that it has my foot tapping constantly. An excellent remix here and by me, at least, it's highly recommended! For those of you who don't like rock songs though, or the Mega Man X soundtrack in general... you won't like it.
  23. Hmm... this is certainly a very interesting remix indeed... the source tune, as any Metroid fan would know, is actually a remix itself. Nontheless... due to the feel DrakeSword caught with this mix, it does belong as a Metroid Prime 2 remix. It just all those little Prime elements that are so recognizable, from the weird synth sounds in the background, to the spots where the music stays so subtle you wonder if it's actually playing. This remix is well done and quite suitable for the material it is covering. Good stuff DrakeSword. I'm merely not a particular fan of the mix because it sounds mostly "ambient", as does most of the Metroid Prime soundtracks... and I don't like ambient music because there's no enough to it for me... Aaaanyways... that's a personal opinion thing there, so yeah, I recommend this remix for anyone that does enjoy the Metroid Prime soundtracks and is a fan of ambient-esque music.
  24. The music itself was quite good, I'm always a fan of well-done piano only songs... but the analogy... and the title... and the game's title... gross, GROSS, GROSS!!!
  25. Hehehe... I'm absolutely loving the recent quality rock remixes that have been coming into OC! When the arranger knows what they're doing I'm always quite satisfied. The style in Twin Blood is much the same as Sixto's previous remix "Wicked Six". Both are of high quality and simply do what they're supposed to do... ROCK! I may not have the composition skills to put these sorts of things together myself, but I always give anyone who takes the time to put the effort into mixes like these A LOT of credit, whether or not I like them. Twin Blood is definitely recommended and gets this gal's approval whole heartedly! All you other rock fans out there, eat your heart out with yet another awsome rock remix!
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