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Sonic Advance 2 - Egg Utopia WIP

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Hello, OC Remix!

I've been lurking around OCR for a while, downloading a few songs here and there. Some while ago I downloaded Modplug Tracker and have been messing around with it for a while. I came out with this remix of Egg Utopia, from Sonic Advance 2. I personally found this game to be very "meh", but the music was awesome nonetheless. Anyways...

Click here to download it.

The idea behind this was to make it sound like "Ping Island/Lightning Strike" from the soundtrack to The Life Aquatic. Hence the amazingly creative name of "Ping Utopia/Egg Strike". The song starts out with a simple techno-ey ditty, and there's a pause, and it starts to play in some strings and flutes and such, and by the end we have a full-blown orchestra playing the song.

Of course, since it's a WIP, there are some problems I am aware of, like:

-Some parts are too loud or too soft. Noticeably, the techno-ey part at the start, and near the end of the song.

-It's short and it ends abruptly.

-The segue between the techno and the orchestra-ey part is pretty much non-existant. It felt normal in the original "Ping Island", but here it just feels forced.

Anyways. Comments, criticisms, feedback, are all greatly appreciated.

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Alrighty then, time for an update. Got some feedback from Geoffrey Taucer and GSlicer in #ocrwip, and made a few changes.


Things I done changed:

-The percussion at the beginning was changed to sound more like Ping Island's percussion, so it sounds simpler. (more simple?)

-Added reverb.

-Added panning in the orchestra section.

-Made a transition between the first and second parts, not much, just faded out the first part and faded in the second.

-Added a little interlude near the end with piccolos and clarinets. Again, to make it sound like Ping Island more so.

-Different ending.

Things I still have to do:

-Some of the samples are bugging me. Specifically, the trombone sample towards the end and the synths in the first section.

-Still a better ending is needed.

-The interlude section I spoked of above feels like it's missing something.

And that's it. Again, feedback, comments, etcetera is much appreciated.

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From the jump, some of your harmonies arent very harmonic, mainly in the beginning. There are a lot of sour notes there. I think you have good arrangement ideas though, and I like the "dual themes" evident in this piece. You just need more practice communicating your musical ideas effectively. What program are u using to make this?

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update time! Here it is.

The only thing I really changed was the techno beginning. The synths were replaced, more or less, with a sawtooth and a square wave. Of course, the sour notes Dr. Rod mentioned became even more grating. So I cut off the notes early, and now it sounds very bleepy and bloopy. Also, I made a bit of a better ending.

This may be the version I submit to OCR, maybe. Thoughts?

PS: Dr. Rod, I use ModPlug Tracker to make this.

Edit: I guess it's not the version I submit to OCR, 'cause it got instantly rejected. So I guess I'd better get serious about this whole thing.

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