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Original - STOP IT


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I made this song in honor to a boring girl I know. Her name is Jenny and whenever I prove her wrong at something (she's not very bright) she says "Stop it" in such a ticked way (I don't blame her, she believes in opinion over fact, therefore deceiving her very self with emotion over logic. :D). Also, whenever she calls she sounds extremely bored, as if I'm boring her to sleep. She also talks about mere pointless things, and her talking about attractions to other guys WHILE attracted to me is not a way to get me to like her, in fact, I hate her. XD

Later on through the song I bring what every adult who lives with his or her parent(s) goes through: loads of chores. Parents feel they should take a load off, but I don't blame parents for doing that really. In fact, I don't even wash the dishes or sweep the floor and I don't mind to take the car back into the driveway after trash in the back is finished burning (this doesn't apply to everyone, especially those without a car or who find no reason to drive).

The song reminds me of SeeD from Final Fantasy VIII and is inspired by Jenny's extremely boring conversations, parents giving orders to their children, and Hideki Naganuma's style of music all-together (if you don't know him, research is FTW).

By the way, that is my voice sped up. Enjoy.

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