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Advance Wars DS remix


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Hey guys, been a while since I've made a post and whatnot, however I have been playing Advance Wars DS again lately and I remembered how much I love Rachel's Theme song. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a remix of that song, or any of their theme songs really. My favorites to hear would be Rachel, Jake, Adder, Andy, Black Hole Super Power, Kindle, Lash, Olaf, and Sami are some of the best in my opinion to remix. It just seems sad to me that one of the best game franchises doesn't have a single remix.

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Actually, I'm currently working on one for the Green Earth theme. I've been grounded from my comp lately so I don't have my musicmakin stuffs.

Here's what I got so far:


still a ways to go, and I've noticed a lot of things that need changing, but until I get a job, I can't do anything with it :(

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