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Unfinished WIP - Eclectic Industrial Electronica - Magdalene

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This is a track I've been working on, I really like where the music ended up, I'm currently trying to write lyrics for it, but alas, I'm still not depraved enough to write them. Anyway, I have shown it to a lot of people and they seem to take to it rather kindly, that being said. I would like you guys to hear it, your comments and such are appreciated.


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I was listening to your music for about 2 hours straight on repeat while i wrote this. Feel free to use it or not, rewrite whatever you want, take snippets.. doesn't matter.

from all past memories to now in life

soon be taken by Death's gnarled scythe

following time's perpetual flow

my grasp on life starts to let go

an endless night, falling, screaming

awaken from my slumber, fighting, dreaming

how am I to handle the ceaseless stress

without my loved one's soft caress?

gone before the moonlight beaming

through my window, flying, fleeing

hope of another breath left my heart

as the waning of my vision seemed to start

the binding of my soul begins to break

torn with the pain that startles me awake

my shouts for a second chance heard by none

for the air in my lungs has since been done

no more movement now

no more sound

and all that ends has ended...

felt good to write that, too.

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As for the music itself.. i dunno what else to say besides the ole "get better samples!" line...

Some of these things could use a tiny bit more reverb, maybe.. and better samples on drums.. and maybe make things a bit more paddish..

Of course now after I look at your ID3v2 tag info, i coulda written that poem a little differently.. DOH.. :???:

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