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  1. OLRemix has some stuff. But it's not enough, OCRemix should host more B&K remixes. If possible
  2. OCRemix is sadistic ...LOL
  3. Why nobody tried to remix Super Bonk? The game is quite silly, but the soundtrack is nice. As I'll improve with remixing I'm planning a remix of it
  4. Hi! Has anyone some of these mixes? If yes, may you post them? Super Mario 64 & Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island - CC Ricers - Bowser Dark Dominion (SM64) - Computermage - 64bit Pathway (SM64) - Darkkojii - Videogame Boss Tribute Vol 1 Bower's Base Line (SM64) - DarkPurple - Castle (Drum N Bass Remix) (SMB) - DarkPurple - Dark Realms of Koopa Evil (SMW+SMB) - DJ Naptime - Lair of the Lizard King (SM64) - Hat - Yoshi's Haunted Palace (SMW2) - Jasillodotcom - B in the Undeworld (SM64) Donkey Kong Series - CC Ricers - Spooky Roller (DKC2) - Gerkinman - Rollercoaster of Doom (DKC2) - Imbe
  5. Yes, it sounds very incomplete and I'm still seeking the right soundscape to blend. his will need some time and this is currently lacking. Very busy at the moment. To be fixed and updated soon. Ah, thanks for the advices
  6. I know but I don't get if you want a Mill Fever Remix or DKC3 Aquatic Ambience one
  7. I thought the post were about Mill Fever Remix (I dunno why they call "Mill fever", the level is namely "Murky Mill" or "Doorstop Dash"... DKL3 levels' names are more funny cos they mention movies, songs or brands (i.e Koco Channel, Total Rekoil, Miller Instinct...)! Seriously. I could try with a Water Level mix, blendind DKC3 and DKL3 ambiances. It's what I thought when I listened to that.
  8. Since I need some time to get full version of FL7, I could work with basal FX and trying something. I'd try to take King K.Rool Remix (Donkey Kong Country). But question: which K.Rool theme from DKC series? 1-2-3 or 64 or even all in one medley? I work better with medleys May I post the WIP here or PM anybody of the Project?
  9. Paper-Mill Panic (WIP) I've come up with this short mix after a 2-days-long work. Not excellent, of course, but I'm trying. "Bidonville" FX at 00:21 is very temporary, I've to seek something better. More ambiance is needed and I'm planning this. Just a Work-in-Progress. Updates soon. Meanwhile feedback's welcome
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