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Arranged Music VS Live Music


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I'm trying to understand what the difference is, specifically, between arranged music and music that's played "live." As I understand it, "arranged" music allows you to specify the time signature of a mix, as well as the pitch and length of each note of that mix. This is done via a computer sound program or a digital mixing workstation, so you don't have to actually play an instrument to get your mix to sound the way you want it to; instead you use a program to electronically assemble the "skeleton" of the mix for you, and then you assign different instruments and sounds to each note of the mix to complete the process. "Live" music, on the other hand, is music that IS played with an electric or acoustic instrument (guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer, etc.). You play your instrument into a digital sound mixer or recorder, re-play each part until it sounds decent, apply any desired special effects, and then combine all the different tracks of the song to form one cohesive mix.

Now, I would greatly appreciate it if someone with a solid knowledge of the differences between arranged and live music could respond to my post as soon as possible and alert me if any of my impressions are incorrect. Thanks.


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