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Metal Gear - FOXHOUND Interview - Liquid and Psycho Mantis (YET ANOTHER JOKE MIX)


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lol!! "Whatever you say, man." Psycho Mantis used such casual words?? haha lol.

Funny stuff man. Especially how they keep interrupting eachother. Do more man, with other characters!! :)

Nice British accent man, says you're from texas. You sure you werent brought up in england??

Only bad thing I can say is while you nailed the accent the voice doesnt sound anything like Liquid. But man, you gotta do more of this stuff. /thumbs up

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Thanks guys. Yeah, I'll make more. I've got most of this stuff like this hosted on my website...


Yeah, I don't sound too much like Liquid, but ... meh. I can't sound like everyone I guess. heh.

I definitely live in the US, lol. I bet people from the UK would be able to point out inconsistencies in the "accent" and see my American accent popping out everywhere. Hehe, I just tried to emulate a few specific words Liquid used, and was hoping to just wing it. lol.

Glad this was well recieved. ^_^ Thanks guys.

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