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    I am a programmer, doing web design, and game design on the side, I like to write music, and my preference is orchestrated music.
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  1. all I have to say to all this is you guys rock, you're posts are VERY helpful, and I hope that with my next update it will knock the pants off of you guys. Thank you
  2. oh I wasn't being defensive to my friends, I think the brutal honesty is a good thing. I'm sorry if I passed off being defensive.
  3. I have no problem with critisism, my problem is I show this to all my friends and they all just say that it's awesome, that it's one of the better things they've heard, and that I'm an awesome arranger, I NEED to hear the other end so I can make myself better, or how else can I make an OC remix?
  4. oh no not at all, I'm referring more to the vulgar comments and meanness directed to Hoboka. He was just being a good friend No I take all comments about the song as constructive criticism
  5. wow, I get back from a long day of stuff, to all this. I'm happy and sad at the same time, happy that I'm getting good feedback, sad at some of the mean comments. I'll try to redo this and show you guys what I come up with, hopefully you'll like it.
  6. about 1:37 is where I really lose insterest, ...like all interest, so somwhere around there I would change it up with either an introduction of a new melody, instrument or add an effect that adds to the feeling, like some quite wind chimes, that more twinkle than play a melody, and back that up with some different chords on the piano.
  7. God, the more I hear about brawl the more pissed I am that they pushed back the release date.:x:x:x
  8. lol I'm so out of it that I never posted the link. *slaps self* http://www.thecheapcostume.com/includes/music/music/supermariorpg3-4.mp3
  9. hmmm an interesting idea, I like it, but I wanna see other ideas thanks for the comment
  10. I agree that it is good up until a point when it becomes very repetitve. I would say that you need to take it up a notch, with a heavier beat or mellower with more enphasis on strings.
  11. Very nice job, I like all except some drum work, but I think it's quite high quality, I don't care what anybody else thinks, this is awesome.
  12. Ok here's the updated, much better eqing and such, I think it's pretty high quality, if you don't think so, let me know and help me make this good, I'm still a noob at Fruity Loops 7, so if there's any suggestions on that I'm more than happy to listen
  13. that's exactly what I DON'T want to do, I want to take it a completely different direction
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