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this may sound kinda noob but...


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They're pretty the same thing in today's jargon. "Command-Line Interface" is another term.

The origin of "Shell" - Back when computers were first being designed, a paradigm was formed - There were to be 2 kinds of software, that which interfaced with the hardware, and that which interfaced with the user. The software that worked with the hardware became known as the "Kernel" and the software that worked with the user became known as the "Shell," naming computer software like a piece of corn, for whatever bizarre reason.

As computers were new, GUI did not exist, so "shell" was completely synonymous with "command line" as that's ALL YOU HAD. However, technically, any software that isn't the kernel is part of the shell. GUIs are shells. Any kind of interface with the user is a shell. But the analogy stuck, so when people say "Shell" they generally mean "Command Line Interface"

As for the term "Console" your guess is as good as mine as to its history, but it refers to the command line interface as well in present day usage.

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