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The FallPast EP

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Alright, I've got both an EP and an LP that I've been working on lately, and I'd like to get some opinions/interest garnered up, so I can improve the tracks.

The genre or style is ambient/experimental/dream

The FallPast EP is a collection of tracks based musically/lyrically/thematically on a main track titled "FallPast" (which will eventually have vocals), as well as a few other original tracks that seem like they need a home. I've been updating it with new songs as I finish them.

I haven't really got them hosted anywhere per-se, but I've got free-previews available on, so here's an album link, and you can listen to the songs as you like.

The LP I've been working on for the last 3 years is called "Complete Thoughts from a fractured mind" which is a collection of ambient/experimental/industrial tracks that I'd like to get a few opinions on. I'd sell it if I thought someone would buy it, but I don't feel confident.

Same lastfm deal as the last one.

Thanks for listening,


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I liked the FallPast EP. "Falling" was kinda meandering though even for ambient. I like the vocals on Raspberry Pie, reminds me of Mogwai sort of.

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