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Zelda Medley- Random advice needed

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No, it's not the wrong section. I just want to know if any of you people think this would be worth polishing or I should just drop it.

It got some decent ratings from the general-purpose internets, but you guys are normally way more...

..specific, I suppose, with what's good and what's not. I just recently got a decent microphone and a keyboard, and I get a new rig right before this semster starts, so I could feasibly begin trying to make a Remix for the site. If you think this would be worth the time to polish and submit, say so. Or, if you think it's crap and should be burnt by fire, say so.


Unoriginal title for great justice. It started as (and is little more than) a midi from a bunch of Zelda stuff I was playing on a church organ, hence the sloppiness.

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I agree with DJ-Arthur. Personally, I think the tremolant melody synth could be tweaked. It needs more definition. Also, I think it would help to add some more rhythmic parts to help the listener find the beat on certain parts.

I also agree about it needing polished. But you do have some decent ideas.

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