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  1. Uh...what? There is no organ in either of those tracks, and I don't know if you're getting the piano or one of the pads whizzing by there confused with one. I guess I assume the former. Anyway, third take. Added much more treble to most of the instruments (I hadn't noticed I left the high end neglected), and brought the kick and such up a wee bit more. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/197460/Arc%20Nova%20Vice%20WIP%202.mp3
  2. I got myself an email yesterday that I've been waiting for for like, 3 months. Alas, I have been shot down! So, here's my first go at the track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/197460/Arc%20Nova%20Vice.mp3 (source material for anyone unfamiliar with it: )To quote the rejection email, it apparently needed "a stronger, more varied beat", "some fuller instruments" and for me to "fix up the production some" before resubmitting it. There was also the big bold "sound quality (e.g. sample quality, sequencing, mixing, processing, recording) is poor." I'm in luck, though, because apparently "our workshop forum might be able to help." That would be you guys, yes? Thus, take two. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/197460/Arc%20Nova%20Vice%20WIP.mp3 Since take one, I tried to make the percussion a bit more punchy and a wee bit more varied. I'll probably redo the different pattern at 1:17...that's starting to come off as awkward to me, the more I listen to it. Regarding "fuller instruments", I EQ'ed some of the stuff differently, pads and bass mostly. The bass and pads are also now layered affairs (had previously all been Omniphere, now there's an Alien 303 and Sylenth backup, respectively.) Yeah, I know, the one synth lead at 1:01 is a bit quieter now and could stand to use the same treatment. So, uh, critique away, merry fellows.
  3. Oh great, now I forget how to stack shit in Reason properly. Well, thanks for pointing out it was in the help file, now when I figure that out again and forget how the answer for this, I'll at least have a written copy to fall back on.
  4. So I take this to mean none of you yahoos know. Then would someone in the moderation mind moving it to the Reason help section?
  5. Is there a way to get the different midi channels in FL to correspond to different instruments in Reason while using ReWire, or are you limited to just one?
  6. Does this mean we have an old-school version of 7's boss theme? I'd download this for that only.
  7. Tripping nostalgia...It's not grand or glorious, but it's amusing. http://www.dump.no/files/328041fc3ce8/Segasm.mp3 Testing a choir VST, and then a couple presets. The bass is two Broomstick Bass presets, deciding which I like better. http://www.dump.no/files/328041fc3ce8/Carp.mp3 Anyhoo, I haven't been here in forever, just thought I'd throw this out and see if anyone had anything worth saying on the matter before I leave for another year.
  8. Okay, sure, but I'm in dorm with crap internet, and although my server at home is reachable, it seems like a slight waste to download if this is only going to be for a little bit.
  9. Can I ask for an extremely vague one? There was a hit used regularly in the N64 Bomberman games, an industrial sounding "hit" (I don't really know if it's a hit or not, but it sounded like it. N64 instrumentation is not my specialty). Use the videos here for a better idea. http://speeddemosarchive.com/demo.pl?Bomberman64_100p_134 It's mostly seen in area five, that floating battlestation. And I'm not asking for it specififcally, just a hit with that sort of sound.
  10. No, it's not the wrong section. I just want to know if any of you people think this would be worth polishing or I should just drop it. It got some decent ratings from the general-purpose internets, but you guys are normally way more... ..specific, I suppose, with what's good and what's not. I just recently got a decent microphone and a keyboard, and I get a new rig right before this semster starts, so I could feasibly begin trying to make a Remix for the site. If you think this would be worth the time to polish and submit, say so. Or, if you think it's crap and should be burnt by fire, say so. http://minorcrisis.net/files/Storms.mp3 Unoriginal title for great justice. It started as (and is little more than) a midi from a bunch of Zelda stuff I was playing on a church organ, hence the sloppiness.
  11. Is it worth the time investment to make orchestral soundfonts of a decent quality, or is it better to just buy something? Like, I'm getting a mic in the mail soon, a good one. And I play almost every brass instrument around, and some percussion/organ/etc. Would it be better to try and make the soundfonts or buy samples?
  12. Is there a program that does this? I'm just putzing arounf with the filetype in Notepad and I have no idea on how to make one.
  13. Sorry, I though it required a changing of filetypes. Thanks.
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