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Halo-Mjolnir Party Mix

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Overall it's pretty cool, just a few comments.

-The intro is really really sweet and the entrance of the main theme is cool too.

-When the main theme comes in it seems to be confused, for lack of a better word...the transitions from one part to the next are a little shaky and sudden.

-I really wish the samples were more realistic, especially the part in the middle with the brass...it kind of makes me cringe.

-Towards the end it's a lot stronger again, about the last minute and a half is really cool as well.

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I'm probably not going to push very hard on this.

The problem is that the song is in 3/4 and transl;ating that to 4/4 is a bit tricky. Especially with techno beats.

Its just a little experiemnt with arrangement more than anything. And a little synth design.

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