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The Pokedex


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I guess real lightning tends to cause fires. But that does look like a pinata/stuffed animal.

awesomeman500, if you're serious about all these projects, why don't you just stick with one? You're not going to get anywhere if you keep coming up with new ones.

All of them seem to be shot down, but I'm trying to stick with this one.

Yes, Maya Unlimited really doesn't do fur that well (that's why it looks like a fuzzy cute pinata), and I can't model. But I'm asking if anyone can do any other models, that would be great. (Preferably realistic ones too, not my fuzzy cute stuff).

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Well, I'm not the "meanie" type but to be honest it's pretty bad, and not very realistic at all. It reminds me of school projects I did in elementary school where I'd tape pillows and black stones together to make people. And I would never guess it was Pikachu.

Again, the kind of stuff on annaj's deviantart is much better, and more realistic, than this, even thought those were drawings. If you can get someone with that kind of talent, both in drawing and in interpretation, to get in on this, that'd be impressive.

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