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The Longest Journey needs more remixes

Genius Pants

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I see that there's only 1 remix from this game right now. Could somebody please take a shot at remixing something from this game? More specifically, I'd like any of the songs that play at The Fringe (songs 33-36 at the link below) to be attempted.


If nobody's interested, that's fine. I just noticed that there wasn't a current request for this game and I think it deserves more recognition. Thanks.

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I don't really know much about music, so I'm just going to guess at what you're asking for. A lot of the songs on the soundtack are more atmospheric than melodic, but here are a few tracks that might be easier to remix.

The Gribbler [song #8]

The Gargoyle and the Labyrinth [song #12]

The Storm and the Sea [song #13]

The House of All Worlds [song #19] (although this was already used as a source song for deim0s' remix)

The Ghost House [song #26] <-

The Road Back [song #28]

Epilogue [song #29] <-

End Credits [song #30]

Winterland [song # 32] <- (this one is probably my favourite on this list)

I know I listed a lot, but I marked (<-) the ones that'll likely have the most material for you to work with. I'm still hoping that Shark [song #36] can be worked in somehow, but maybe that's asking too much. Anyways, let me know if this doesn't help.

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