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  1. Yes, forgot to mention Servo in the box as well! MST3k was such a huge part of my childhood, so he is much appreciated, as well! Thanks again!
  2. I received my gift from Rexy! (I was out of town for a few days but it was waiting in the house for me!) I got a Chrono Trigger (favorite game!) shirt, a waterproof notebook, and a pack of "writer emergency cards", in addition to a thoughtful note/poem! Thanks so much, Rexy! This is awesome and thoughtful. My phone is giving me image upload issues so here's a link to a photo of my gifts- http://imgur.com/De57z5H Happy holidays, all! (BardicKnowledge, glad you received your gift! It's one of my favorite novels. Enjoy!)
  3. I got my present from my Secret Santa a while ago but just opened it the other day. It was a black OCR shirt! Definitely always wanted to have one. Thanks, Secret Santa!
  4. Shipped to my recipient a couple days ago. Should be arriving anytime now.
  5. One of my favorite times of the year!
  6. 'Dream of the Shore Near Another World' (Chrono Cross) by Yasunori Mitsuda. Even to this day, this track knocks me senseless -- it brings me back to a simpler day, when videogames were my life. This transports me to another world. Still one of the most beautiful things I know of.
  7. 1. Duck and Hound 2. Jill Valentine 3. Mia (Ace Attorney)
  8. Congrats, new/old judges! This definitely gave me a healthy dose of nostalgia. This September has been a really happenin' OCR month. Congrats, djp & staff!
  9. Ah dang, I've been so busy these past few months and have wanted to participate (because this would be so FUN!!!!!!) but every time I check the competition it's in the voting stages. noooooooooo
  10. Cool idea! Go ahead and throw my username in at this location: Palms, Los Angeles, CA. Thanks!
  11. Hey, it was me! I felt really bad for having sent it out so late, but glad you received it and like it!
  12. Apologies to my Secret Santa recipient: your package is ready to be sent out and will be sent out tomorrow. Sorry, things got hectic and I wasn't able to send it out in the past couple days, but you will probably receive your gift Tuesday or Thursday at the latest!
  13. Yay! Congrats! Play her all the OCRs in chronological order now, starting from Shin Shuriken Jam.
  14. 1. Complete my book-length manuscript of short stories 2. Get a writing agent 3. Finish two feature-length screenplays 4. Find a stable job, since freelance work is frightening and stressful with rent looming each month 5. Read 25+ books
  15. Oh man, I really want to get this, but I don't have the money for it right now. Turrican music was always the shit. I've always been extremely fond of 'The Great Bath' and 'The Desert Rocks' so I'm super-intrigued to hear what he's done with those.
  16. Since we're posting suggestions, I guess I'll post some stuff I like, although honestly, anything I receive in the mail from a fellow community member will be an utter joy! Seriously. Whoever gets me, don't stress. Please! I read a lot of books. I read pretty much whatever strikes my fancy, but I'm a sucker for sci-fi and contemporary literature. Though I rarely have time to play video games these days, I'm still in love with game culture. Generally I tend to favor old-school more than current-gen. Since moving to LA for the film industry, I am less in love with movies. Obviously I love game music! WHATEVER MY SECRET SANTA BLESSES ME WITH WILL BE WONDERFUL!
  17. I love OCR Secret Santa! Definitely want to participate again this year!
  18. My sister and brother-in-law got married to TheWingless' 'All the world in One Girl'. When they kissed, that song started playing. When they walked up the aisle, they had a harpist playing 'Eyes on Me' from FFVIII. The reception was cool, too. In addition to regular music, they played some unconventional OCR hits on the dancefloor: NoppZ - 'Hyrule Party Mix', Star Salzman -'The Incredible Singing Robot', and Mazedude - 'Battling Organs'. I was the only person on the dancefloor for the latter two. Strange choices but I loved the vibe!
  19. I'm a fan of fantasy sports, particularly football & basketball, but I wouldn't be opposed to baseball, as long & grueling of a season as that is... I've done hockey once with some friends, but that was just an awful time for me.
  20. Don't know if any of you had heard, but depressing news. http://www.8bitfix.com/content/heavy-rain-composer-normand-corbeil-passes-away-56-6063/ I was only familiar with his music on Heavy Rain, but that soundtrack is one of my favorites from the current generation of gaming. It was just so moody and beautiful. It seems that his career with video game scoring just begun, seeming to have fully transitioned from film/tv work to gaming. His future works are missed, but he left us with a great contribution to game music in Heavy Rain.
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