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Perfect Dark Zero: PDZ


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http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/zqmg/PDZ (<- Clean, non OLR version)

http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/kvhy/Penis-Destruction-Zero--Dirty-Loop-Mix- (<- NSFW)

So, this is a remix of Mission Select from Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360. Seeing as there was no midi for this song at VGMusic I had to make this by ear. As far as remixing without aid goes, this is probably my best, even though it's far from being my best overall. I made the song some kind of weird fusion of hip hop and techno and I'm quite satisfied with the results.

Oh, and the Penis Destruction Zero version of this mix was submitted to OverLooked ReMiX's Buttsex Month. All of the girly talking and panting was done by me. I recorded my voice, didn't modify it one bit, and plugged it straight into the song. Sometimes it's hard for me to listen to the panting and think that it's me, but it's true. Sometimes I wonder if I have the potential to be a cartoon voice actor as well... but it will never ever happen. Heh.

Both songs loop. Enjoy.

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I am completely unfamiliar with the source, so I can't tell you how they compare; I'm critiquing this as a standalone song. Right now your ideas are pretty cool; this is definitely very chill. I think your drum processing could use work; the hi-hat/rides are almost piercing, and the snare sounds kinda weak. The crazy effects towards the end are a nice touch. This is still really young at this point though; I suggest tacking at least another minute or two on it before you can expect more detailed feedback.

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