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Orchestral Final Fantasy VII Medley

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Well... Here's another try to make something beautiful ^^

Note: All the orchestration was made by me... I didn't use mp3 files.

I want your opinion mainly on the sounds and arrangement ^^

The piano chords in the begining were made by me(hearing the original one) because I couldn't find the piano score of that song.


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I'll only comment on the arrangement itself, not the sound quality:

I think the biggest thing that stands out to me now is how you have a relatively long silence for each song transition. If this is gonna be a medley, you'll want to use varying transitions that really weave the theme together; right now it just feels like you're randomly hopping from one to the other.

Also you alternate between using the source verbatim and being really liberal (at least in the last two songs, I couldn't identify the first). It sounds good, but I think you could more effectively apply your own interpretation throughout each entire piece, even if its only slight variations to the harmony. I liked what you did with the Choco/Mog dance theme towards the end.

In short, keep developing this, but be very aware of how each theme leads into the next.....if you have to change the order of some to make it fit, then change it. If something doesn't seem to fit at all, maybe its best not to use it. Transitions are really what make or break a medley. Good luck : )

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