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Orchestral Final Fantasy VII Medley [WIP]

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Note: All the orchestration was made by me. I did not use any mp3 file.

i don't know why it is necessary to use the beginning of "Cloud Smiles" from Advent Children in the beginning of this. yes i know that you did not rip an mp3 of that directly, but you are using the song itself. once it gets to the aeris part it's still the original aeris theme, and no new arrangement going on.

0:33-0:38 silence as a transistion, not sure what to say about that.

also there's a lot of empty space in here that needs filling, add more parts to fill out the texture. the crash cymbol and the trumpet both feel way too loud and in the front of the mix.

i really wish i had something nice to say other then the samples sound nice, but there isn't much arrangement actually going on here.

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