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OCRStyles - OCR3 ReMix (vBulletin Fix)


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Nearing completion. Not 100% complete, but definitely getting there:



HOWEVER, I wanted to get this out right now, because I'm noticing it to be an issue as I work:

It will be VERY DIFFICULT to NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to make this a 1:1 style of OCR3. There are certain things I JUST can't change, most noticeably in the thread views. I'll try to do my best to do some page-specific stuff, but I CAN NOT promise anything.

Expect a pretty strong initial release sometime this morning/afternoon.


Initial release

This version contains almost all the necessary changes, BEFORE page specifics, without me having to go into Photoshop and make new icons.

Known issues:

-Not all images/icons replace

-Thread view looks close to nothing like OCR3

-Breadcrumb is fubar

-Some links still Orange

-Input boxes/buttons unchanged.

-Shiny black lines.

Download @ userstyles.

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