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  1. That song is on VGMix Archive along with several others of yours: http://vgmixarchive.com/songs/vgmix2x/Gman - Running is not an option (Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 10).mp3
  2. Hold the phone. You mean to tell me that Sir_NutS and Sadorf just got a Final Fantasy VII remix posted? What year is it? Did I step in a wormhole? (Excellent song, btw. Just...wow...)
  3. A few points worth noting: The site's UVP is the incredible game music arrangements. The community has been valuable for many of us, but it is secondary. The vast majority of the users on the site never even touch the forums. I'd imagine most of the people who still use the forums have for years. Those that have left, as others have mentioned, probably just got too old/busy. With that said, most major music sites don't even have forums. Maybe they have a subreddit, but not a forum. YouTube and Soundcloud killed OCR's community momentum, not the changes to the site. Gone are the d
  4. I've mulled over this topic since it happened, and I just keep coming back to the same conclusion: forums are dead. Traditional forum software on the internet is few and far between now. Most communities have moved to "discussion"-style systems like Discourse (not to be confused with Discord) or Reddit. Not that every site should be reddit, but how ridiculous would reddit look if every person had an image signature? Or even a text one. Removing visual clutter makes it easier to quickly navigate the conversation. Images on the page, especially large ones, should be meaningful and representative
  5. There is a plan to bring back FBRC (and Doubles Dash) once we have a system that will facilitate it better. Honestly, I think from an administrative position we could really knock it out of the park this time around. That said: FBRC is typically held during the summer time to avoid holidays and obligations (that is, back when we were all young enough for that to matter). 2020 seems like a good year to bring it back, but I wouldn't do it until July/August.
  6. The best I could find was this song by DJ Siamey: http://vgmixarchive.com/songs/vgmix2x/DJ Siamey - Adventures In Town (Final Fantasy 5).mp3 There may be something else on VGMix archive, though: http://vgmixarchive.com/
  7. Arise, thread. WoW Classic is coming out soon. Where are ya'll droppin'? Right now most of my crew is split between Herod (PvP) and Mankrik (PvE). We'll probably spin up a Disciples guild on both as soon as we have the signatures and the cash gold. Anyone else comin' back for vanilla? Also, look, I know shadow priest isn't raid viable, but you'll have to pull that class from my cold, undead hands.
  8. What up, fam, I've been around a long time. Like, I've been around and semi-active since OCR orange days. I've met a lot of people. Almost everyone that has been mentioned in this thread, even. (Except the ever elusive @Sixto who's totally going to MAGFest this year, for real, he swears). From all of my experiences, from everyone I've met, I can tell you this: Everyone (most people...in this community are) inspirational (in some way). For the "never meet your heroes" thing. I've met enough of my heroes to know that you can both be inspired by someone's energy and inspiration, and als
  9. I've moved this conversation to PMs. Please check there and I'd be happy to look into this for you.
  10. That one worked! Thanks again.
  11. Why when uploading? Unless you mean torrent twise, because I plan on making an "update" torrent that will leave the existing torrent unchanged for now. What IS clear now is I'm going to have to do at this point is I'm going to have to split the collections. A single site of 5000 songs is too much. My next goal after I finish sorting this update will be to create separate template sites for the 3 collections, make 3 separate torrents for the collections, and probably one more site/torrent with everything. The issue with this is I'd have to split the tags from what they are right now.
  12. I have tried a few times to download the link, but it keeps coming up as a corrupt RAR. The size is also only 12.7MB every time, which doesn't seem quite large enough for that many files. I reached out to Audity on his YouTube channel, as well as the user he said he received the files from. I haven't heard back from either but I'm very interested in the VGMix X dumps. Bradless also located a few hundred VGMix X songs as well so I'll be going through those ASAP. Update regarding this: I have been able to contact Audity and get his collection of
  13. Yea, I have a program that's supposed to look for similarities in MP3s properties (Time, author, etc) and ID dupes and it got a lot of them but clearly, some have squeezed through. I've been trying to spot check as well. The next step will be to make sure the game tags are standardized (Zelda and Final Fantasies, come to mind) and the artists are all in line (several artists changed their name a few times across VGMix's history, it looks like).
  14. I have the same rip from herograw's site and ran into the same problem as you: There's not a whole lot of data to go on for games and artists. If you're saying you've had a chance go go through and properly ID everything, that would be incredible. I reached out to Audity on his YouTube channel, as well as the user he said he received the files from. I haven't heard back from either but I'm very interested in the VGMix X dumps. Bradless also located a few hundred VGMix X songs as well so I'll be going through those ASAP.
  15. Somewhat above average graphic design and hobbyist painter here: It costs somewhere between $5 to $200 depending on what you want and who you're willing to pay. Personally, I'd expect to pay between $30 and $60 if you're asking for just 1 picture that's not too complicated, but that's just what "feels right" for the return on investment to me. Others may say more or less. And before you ask: Unfortunately, I'm not available for the work right now.
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