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  1. The year is 2022, and Disciples of the Mix is one of the oldest guilds still active on Illidan. Also: We're on Sulfurus on WotlK classic.
  2. Since we're already here, I can just regurgitate some of the things I've been musing on lately: Microsoft would be foolish to not try and flesh out a Warcraft TV series. Especially with how good the Halo series is right now (I should probably make a thread about that, by itself). The series could work similarly to how the Mandalorian and the Witcher work, by having a season-by-season schedule, but introducing characters and shifting focus for each season. Season 1, Warcraft: Arthas - Season 1 follows Arthas, leading up to, and during the human campaign of Warcraft 3. It can be done with minimal CG since it has an almost exclusively human cast, and it could introduce Jaina, Kael'thas, Khadgar, Uther, and Kel'thuzad. We can see Arthas's early years, and then early on see Khadgar coming to warn against the plague. We'd follow this right up until Arthas takes up Frostmorne. Season 2, Thrall - This picks up with basically the Horde campaign in Warcraft 3. Thrall gets a vision from Medivh, and brings the orcs to Kalimdor, introduces Rexar, Vol'jin, Cairne, and Chen stormstout, but also revisiting Jaina and introducing the Nightelves. Season 3, Illidan - This could retell the night elf storyline, starting with some Grom Hellscream shit, but then be primarily from Illidans perspective. It could arguably be from Tyrande or Malfurion perspective, but since Illidan is a bigtime fan-favorite and is largely present in the Frozen Throne storyline, it seems like it would be a safer bet. The undead campaign could be a season in itself, but since it sets up the grande finale plot, it could also be shifted to a full movie, Avengers style, where Thrall, Jaina, Malfurion and Tyrande, all show up together to fight Archimonde while Illidan and Arthas fuck off to Northrend. It just makes too much sense.
  3. that name is vaguely ramananiscent! you must be very old.

  4. It seems like the original author posted the game on Newgrounds. A quick Google search seems to show he still uses the same handle on a few sites so may be able to get a hold of him on some other platform.
  5. Some things I would suggest, as it seems Liontamer has already fixed in the title, is using the correct verbiage for "OC ReMix" rather than "OCRemix." Other than that I'd say checking against the md5 has provided on the site and giving the option of alternative mirrors instead of just hammering one. Given that your app seems to strictly just check against the RSS Feed, the md5 stuff may be a bit difficult.
  6. So I found an example of this, and man is it a particularly nasty issue. It even does it using an in-line style so yea it's going to have to be some kind of JavaScript fix. I'm gonna do some research.
  7. First post has been updated with the newest iteration of the style. It's based on Material Dark. It has many issues but is mostly usable for now. Since I'm overriding the Invision CSS variables, userstyles.org doesn't like the formatting. For now I've posted the CSS directly to the first post, but I'll be putting it up on GitHub when I get on a computer with Git installed 🙄 Yes, I recognize the irony that the code block is yet unstyled.
  8. That's gonna be DDRKirby: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03396
  9. ThaSauce Development Update

    What’s going on with VGMix? OverLooked ReMix? ReMix:ThaSauce? Compoverse?

  10. That song is on VGMix Archive along with several others of yours: http://vgmixarchive.com/songs/vgmix2x/Gman - Running is not an option (Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 10).mp3
  11. Hold the phone. You mean to tell me that Sir_NutS and Sadorf just got a Final Fantasy VII remix posted? What year is it? Did I step in a wormhole? (Excellent song, btw. Just...wow...)
  12. A few points worth noting: The site's UVP is the incredible game music arrangements. The community has been valuable for many of us, but it is secondary. The vast majority of the users on the site never even touch the forums. I'd imagine most of the people who still use the forums have for years. Those that have left, as others have mentioned, probably just got too old/busy. With that said, most major music sites don't even have forums. Maybe they have a subreddit, but not a forum. YouTube and Soundcloud killed OCR's community momentum, not the changes to the site. Gone are the days of finding MP3s on P2P networks. You don't have to have your own web hosting or submit to VGMix/OCR/whatever to share your music on the internet. The internet is social. A lot of people don't like it, but a huge portion of the internet does. This is where blogs/pages/whatever would need to come into play. If you want to build a large internet community, it has to be a pseudo-social network. The vocal minority will hate it. The top sites on the internet right now are either social media (instagram, reddit, facebook, twitter, linkedin), "video sites", YouTube, which is a mash-up video and social site, and then Amazon, Wikipedia, and search engines. Forum activity has dropped, but Discord activity is booming. "Booming" may be a bit of a stretch, but it's far more active than IRC was when it died. That's because Discord is used by a lot of people and the age range is like "13" to 40. It's just most accessible. And if you want talk about user experience, I can take this a bit further: The web is dead. Web traffics across the board has dropped drastically in favor of mobile apps. This is partly also why social communities and focus'd web/mobile apps have become popular. People do not sit and traverse large chunks of content anymore. People consume content in short bursts, "micro-breaks", on commutes, in shopping lines, on the toilet. It's not true for everyone, but it is for the vast majority of the planet. There's no room for noise and visual clutter. Anything that keep that comes between a user and the content their looking for is noise. Noise makes users go elsewhere.
  13. I've mulled over this topic since it happened, and I just keep coming back to the same conclusion: forums are dead. Traditional forum software on the internet is few and far between now. Most communities have moved to "discussion"-style systems like Discourse (not to be confused with Discord) or Reddit. Not that every site should be reddit, but how ridiculous would reddit look if every person had an image signature? Or even a text one. Removing visual clutter makes it easier to quickly navigate the conversation. Images on the page, especially large ones, should be meaningful and representative. Watching 2-3 people discuss something in a conversation and seeing the same 3 images in different patterns is not particularly meaningful. It's excessive. I do agree it's nice for users have more customization/personality/whatever, but I don't think it would come from forums signatures. It would come from a organized and utilized user profile. Custom avatars are good. Banner images are better. Invision does a pretty good job of supporting both of those, but it's really base-level. Heavy text, low imagery. Very data, no flavor. Do I expect that to change any time soon? Ehh. Do I think reactivating image signatures is the right move? Almost definitely not.
  14. There is a plan to bring back FBRC (and Doubles Dash) once we have a system that will facilitate it better. Honestly, I think from an administrative position we could really knock it out of the park this time around. That said: FBRC is typically held during the summer time to avoid holidays and obligations (that is, back when we were all young enough for that to matter). 2020 seems like a good year to bring it back, but I wouldn't do it until July/August.
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