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Darkclark looking for collab.


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I'm fairly new to the forum, but I guess I'm gonna make a request. I've been told that I'm a good pianist/decent singer with a somewhat limited vocal range:?. I really want to try to do some music, but I can't afford the recording equipment for piano or voice. I'm broke:-x! I'm not asking for money, but I am asking for help! I'm looking for a collab who lives near and can provide decent equipment. Video games were what got me into music. It's my primal musical force. I know this alot for a newbie to ask for, but I really want to try this stuff out!! Besides *brag alert* I think I'm pretty good at both! Thanks for listening and possibly helping!:-P

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I'm still looking for some collab love here!!:puppyeyes: No one likes me everybody hates me I'm gonna eat a bug...;-) Anyone near Jackson County?

In the U.P.?:puppyeyes:

In the USA?:puppyeyes:

*screams loudly to self* I must find help!

Seriously, I really can't stand being on a site that I can't do stuff. Forums are fun and all, but I wanna REALLY get into it. Preferebly before college. PLEASE HELP ME!!

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Not to discourage you from looking for a collab, but in spite of what you may think, you can get OCR quality results with very little money. If you already have a computer, you're more than half-way there.

Check out the mixing for free guide and Zircon's gear guide for ways to get by on $0. Since you are a vocalist/pianist, a mic for your vocals will cost you $10 and a super cheap Casio 61-key keyboard can be found for $80. You actually might find a keyboard cheaper than that somewhere, but just make sure the keys are velocity sensitive and it has a midi connection. Yeah you might have to beg borrow and "borrow" to get that money to start off with, but it will be worth it :)

Good Luck

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