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WCT - The Writing Competition Thread [Short Story Results]


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I said I'd be back, and I'm back.

I'd once again like to congratulate everyone who participated in this round of the competition; the stories were all interesting. Submissions these days, including this round's, have been on the rise in average quality too, which I am quite happy to see. Ubernym, yours was especially good, which was no surprise, so again, congrats on winning. And congrats to GAJK for the runner-up position. *pats self on back* :-P

With Imagery moving on to greener pastures (missionary work, was it?), responsibility for this competition has been passed onto me, as has been mentioned. For anyone worried about the competition's future, know that writing for these competitions has been a source of great enjoyment and inspiration for me in the past and will continue to be in the future. I hope to be able to continue the recent trend of increasing participation, and I expect to see this competition running many years into the future (barring djp doing something rash with the site, of course). With any luck, we'll have grown even more for when Imagery returns.

Is this sounding like an acceptance speech yet?

You will be missed, Imagery. I really liked those pieces you've submitted in the past, and I always looked forward to reading more from you. I hope to see some works from you upon your return! I'll keep this place running, of that I can assure you.

Administration-wise, don't expect much in the way of changes to the competition; the current process has been serving us well, but suggestions are always welcome. Everyone just needs to remember that votes need to be sent to me now. I expect there will probably be a few mix-ups here and there regardless, but I'm hoping it'll be minimal.

I will be making a new thread for the competition when that begins (and that's... holy crap, that's tomorrow, isn't it?), and I will hopefully put a link to the thread at the end of this thread once that is done. I'm not sure how exactly I'll be setting it up (if it's even going to be any different from how it is now), so I ask that you don't post in the new thread until the green light has been given. I'll indicate that at the top of the first post for as long as it takes for someone else to post.

I think that's about all I have to say at the moment... Well then, congrats again to everyone who participated in this round, I hope to see you all return for the next round, and a special goodbye to Imagery, whose efforts running this competition are greatly appreciated!

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