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  1. Here are some videos of them performing live: Uptight (last song of the night) Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover) A new song they look forward to recording in New York if they get enough votes to move on! The second round ends tonight so if you like them and want to give them a shot, please VOTE HERE!
  2. I didn't intend to come across like I was overly bashing anything. It's just, this place isn't the most exciting to live/study in and I am just really happy to have something cool to share with you guys. As for more music and videos (other than what you will find by clicking the above link), you can check out: their fancy pants homepage their jam-packed Facebook page (complete with more free downloads!) If I can figure out a way to share Facebook videos without changing their privacy settings, I'll link you guys to what I took at their live show (which is where the magic really happens), b
  3. So I don't really post or participate here a lot any more. College and non-wired life have seen to that. BUT, I am currently involved in what I think is a pretty cool cause and I have a favor to ask of all you music-loving people. I live smack-dab in what is essentially a desert valley, which can be kind of lame in some ways, but amongst the flatness there are occasional mountains of gleaming hope. There is a local band called Fictionist, who I believe is one such mountain. They play music that has been described as anything from "space rock" to "folk/pop," but mostly I think they sound a lot
  4. paging jackkeiser to this thread yeah guys let's have a redux of the worst thread in recent ocr history good idea
  5. I sold my cards on eBay so you can remove them.
  6. Imagist

    Metroid: Other M

    but b-b-but bleck she's clearly bottling up all those emotions that can't be healthy
  7. My roommate picked this up the other day. I tried the demo, but can't really be bothered to spend money on it myself.
  8. Yeah, when I saw the title and the first couple minutes, I thought that's what it would be about. Like, discovering details of your character and the story progressively as you went along. Then I realized very few games actually do this, they just kind of hit you all at once.
  9. sounds to me like someone thought "how do we supplant Pikachu?" and someone else went "make an obnoxiously cute new legendary and give him away!"
  10. Why am I still up? I'm not taking issue with you addressing religion as a topic. I'm taking issue with your implication that religion is somehow inherently right or wrong. And that implication, with no context or provocation, makes you out to be an asshole.
  11. Besides, the more appropriate title would by "jackkeiser vs. himself," because his posts here are basically the forum equivalent of Jim Carrey's courthouse bathroom scene in "Liar, Liar." oh god when did I become this kind of poster
  12. If you hadn't already discredited yourself by ignoring the completely valid arguments I presented earlier, you did just now. I'm agnostic and this statement makes you look like an imbecilic jackass to me. I'd cry "troll," but even the sleaziest of trolls usually don't dedicate as much time to generating text walls as you have.
  13. Here's where your logic falls through: new costumers. Sure, you may think we're getting "screwed over" because we're being "forced" to buy a new game every time they add some new Pokemon, but what about people that haven't been introduced to the series before? What about kids who are just getting old enough to play these games? You want to make them buy a game that's several years old and then purchase extra content packs just to be talking about the same monsters their older friends are at the moment? Add-on DLC is not the best option from the corporate viewpoint, because it assumes all custo
  14. I thought it was generally accepted forumiquette that if you're not quoting somebody, you're replying to the person directly before you. Not to mention, you know, logic.
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