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I'd like to hear some judgment on original game soundtracks

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Yeah, that's right. I went there. Hahaha. Of course there isn't any room for talking about arrangement, so I'd like to hear what people think of production work on some game soundtracks. Of course we must keep in mind that the composers did have system limitations to deal with.

The one I'd like to bring up first is the Brave Fencer Musashi soundtrack. I'm curious what the veterans at production think about this game's sound engineering (Is that the right term?). I listen to it fairly often and even with my n00by ears, I can tell that the insane harp runs that are in like every song sound freaking fake, the guitars and basses sound freaking fake, and that crazy ultra-vibrato solo female singing voice that's in like EVERY song sounds FREAKING fake. Hahaha. The funny thing is that despite all that, I think it sounds freaking cool! Despite how obviously orchestral my Guilty Gear remix is, way back when I first submitted it, I was hoping that it would get similar treatment. "Well it's obviously got fake-ass sounding samples, but it still sounds cool so, YES." Hahaha. I guess that was overly optimistic thinking though. ^_^

To sum this up in the form of a question; Could the Brave Fencer Musashi soundtrack be executed in a way that makes it notably better and still run on the PS1?

This thread is for: talking about the production values of various game soundtracks.

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Hmmm, interesting, I love the BFM vgm more so than anyone in the world, I can attest to that, and I noticed the MIDI version of it that I see downloadable in websites makes it not worse but unfamiliar, but then again it could be biased. Another game's OST that give me that feel of awesomeness is Fou-Lu's battle music called Men of War, As well as the FFIX music I mean ALL of it.

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