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Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy): Hornet Level

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This is diving way deep into the mound of games and systems few people still have, but the levels from DKL where you had to fly around in levels filled with thorns and avoid the hornets?

That music ruled in its own right but I think it's got tons of room for good remixing. Please, dust this one off if you've got it! I wish I knew where to find the midi or something.

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Are you sure you're not thinking of Donkey Kong Land 2? As far as I remember, DKL1 didn't have any level with thorns in it, or any way of flying around, for that matter. DKL2, on the other hand, was a remake of Donkey Kong Country 2 with different level designs. It definitely had some thorny levels, and the song used in those levels was actually a simplified arrangement of a song originally from Donkey Kong Country 2, which has been remixed quite a bit. Check out the "Stickerbrush Symphony" remixes here:


If that's not the song you were thinking of, pretty much every song from DKL has already been sequenced in standard MIDI format. You can find them all here:


(Scroll down to Donkey Kong Land)

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