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Lets try some Hotel Dusk, eh?


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I've only found one other thread prompting for a Hotel Dusk remix to be had, and I'm also pretty curious why this game hasn't actually had a go at yet, aside from the one response to the other thread (But hasn't seem to have gotten anywhere).

Hotel Dusk has gotten some pretty spectacular reviews for a linear story adventure game, and the music is just quality that can touch the heart at the right moment. Each track has been properly placed, and every scene lives up to its moment thanks to it. Can't figure out what's going on? The music is about to break it down.

That being said in praise, I could suggest a few tracks to mix that are my personal favorites, as well as link you to the right site to acquire it.

First and foremost:


The website to go to for the OST.

Secondly! Suggested tracks. Hell, even double - get brave and go triple, I dare ya - remixes would be amazing.

Bright Crystal (This one is my favorite.)

Midnight (Second!)

Violet Sky (And third. <3)

The Last Sleep

Hotel Dusk

Dream's End

High Spirits


Silent Moon

Amber Sunset

I know, I know. A lot of suggestions. Some of those are bearing double remixes in mind. The entire soundtrack is amazing; I'd just seriously be fond of those as new concoctions.

I don't know many people who have played the game, but if you have the time (or the patience, rather) for a slow-paced, excellently executed mystery story, then you should give Hotel Dusk a try. You'll also see what I meant about the music.

Thanks to anyone considering it!

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Hotel Dusk Hotel Dusk Hotel Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuusk. Such a good game!

I made and submitted a remix of Secrets, but it kind of ended up getting rejected because... well, it wasn't that great. (Wouldn't be surprised if it was the "response" you saw.) I'd still like to tackle this soundtrack though, someday!

Or, you know, someone else with more experience could. >_>

(Personally, I quite enjoy Dead Stare. Especially in the context of the game. And also The Last Sleep, as you said up there.)

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