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Article by: Polo
Created by: Square
First appearance: 1990


Populating the Final Fantasy worlds like Chocobos, Cids, and airships, Moogles are a cute and versatile Squaresoft stamp. Called Mogli in Japan, they are easily spotted by their white fur, teddy bear-like stature, bat wings (which come in red, pink, or purple), and pom-pom antenna. Moogles first appeared in Final Fantasy III for the Famicom, acting as bodyguards to a scrooge-y wizard named Dorga. Since then, they've branched out into other roles of Squaredom.

In Secret of Mana, Moogles live in the foresty Upperland, their village overrun by Spring Beak, a tall-legged jumping bird boss. Certain enemies can "Moogle" a party member, transforming them into one of the helpless little critters. Conversely, they wield a crazy assortment of weaponry in Final Fantasy VI. Led by Mog, the only one who can speak English and the poster Moogle of the game, they protect Terra Branford from a monster onslaught. Mog can later join the party and add dangerous dance steps to the battlefield. Cait Sith rides a beastly Moogle in Final Fantasy VII. One Moogle holds an air bubble chalice in a one-player game of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles; another delivers mail to traveling caravans from home.

And so Moogles continue to pop up.

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