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"You are the most suited to exploring this island. Please. Give us your aid." — Professor Booster


Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Cave Story 3D
Created by: Daisuke Amaya (Studio Pixel)
First appearance: 2004


A sentient robot awakens in a cave with no knowledge of how he got there or even his own name. Wandering around in the dark, he finds a gun to ward off hostile creatures. As he makes his way through the labyrinthine passageways, he suddenly stumbles into a tangled plot involving a rabbit-like race of Mimigas, a human known as "the Doctor" bent on enslaving said race, and a Demon Crown. It's up to this robot, Quote, to unravel the mystery of the transpiring events and put a stop to the Doctor's plans in Cave Story.

Quote is described as a "soldier from the surface" by more than one person. Robots like him were once sent to the island where the game takes place — those who know the gruesome details of this history tend to prejudge Quote as just another killing machine, and some even attack him outright. Most characters, however, come to know his kind nature when he retrieves lost items for them or works to get innocents out of binds. As a result, island natives and non-natives alike routinely place their trust in Quote to help them through their problems, large and small.

As a robot built for exploration, Quote's skills and endurance levels surpass a human's. He can easily handle any weapon he picks up, from a missile launcher to a bubble gun to a Mimiga's sword. He's also able to move underwater for a limited time without his internal systems shutting down. Similar traits are shown by Curly Brace, a fellow robot who becomes Quote's most trusted comrade. Whether alone or with any number of allies, Quote travels the length and breadth of the island to fulfill all manner of missions, some of far greater importance than he realizes.

Selected game appearances



Nintendo 3DS

  • Cave Story 3D (2011)



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