ReMix:Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals "Mystery in Red" 4:09

By djpretzel

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Prophet"

Primary Game: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (Natsume , 1995, SNES), music by Yasunori Shiono

Posted 2001-03-17, evaluated by djpretzel

Been awhile! Man, I tell ya, life's been busy . . . meetings at work, STILL moving into new house (getting hardwood floors done this weekend, then next weekend the actual MOVING of furniture and what not). So people have been ragging on me for not doing anything recently, which is true. So I figured I should really just sit down and put something together, or else I'll lose it and keep pushing it off forever. Turned out I had fun, tried some new ideas that worked fairly well, and made this Lufia II track. Oh yes, I checked the 'Request' board first and noticed someone saying how there weren't any Lufia or Lufia II ReMixes - hope this is at least somewhat satisfactory. This is based off 'The Mystery Lady' track from this excellent non-square RPG for SNES.



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SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-20 17:53:56

Quite a different style coming from djp: Here's sampled guitar instead of analog synth leads.

0:00 interesting groundwork rhythm for a guitar solo, but it proves effective

1:45 I really enjoy the softer sounds here. Nice contrast.

3:29 digging the solo here and that harp in the background

on 2009-12-05 20:59:56

This song has held up well over the years. Samples are still pretty decent, and overall it's a nice listen. The new material at 1:43 is my favorite section, it really keeps with the mood of the mix while adding something fresh and different.

Check this one out.

on 2009-01-09 13:23:15

I listened to this mix some years ago and i didn't like it for some reason. can't recall why. But when i listen to it now i feel a little sad. not just because it's a very moody track but also because it's been up here for so long and i didn't notice its beauty. this is an awesome remix and i regret deeply for giving it the cold shoulder

love that guitar of yours, djp! keep it up

on 2009-01-07 15:10:48

I know this is an old mix, but it's great. I am totally digging the guitar. It's raining, and this was some amazing atmospheric music to watch rain fall to. Another great job from djpretzel.

on 2006-12-27 11:23:42

One of my favorite tracks from Lufia 2 given the ultra moody treatment by DJP. I seriously can't tell if it is just a great (possibly best) synth guitar tone or if it's simply a great guitar tone, but along with the washed out sounding drums, the mix really does convey a mysterious feeling.

The harpsichord lends some extra interest and texture, and the song starts out straightforward and eventually branches out into new territory, all of which fits the theme well, even the military style march section.


on 2004-10-10 00:55:53

i like lufia2, i like guitars and i so fucking like this remix. this is by far the most played mp3 in my playlist(and overall the most listened to track in my live). if my hdd would crash and i lost all mp3s i would miss this masterpiece the most. i am visiting the ocr since years and i heard many great mixes but this one is still my favorite.

though i don' t post often in boards i wanted to give this track the credit it deserves (after approximately 2 years listening to it :D )

i am supprised too that there is not more feedback to this song.

on 2004-02-16 08:29:05

A very nice mix, definitely on my top ten list

Wolf Tooth
on 2004-01-23 11:07:09

Very soul moving and heart turning. It's the kind of songs that you will hum all the time, even on your death bed.

Mirai Gen
on 2003-07-08 00:35:46

De-Yam. There aren't many Lufia II remixes at all, and the fact that this one was done - WELL - is truly good. I liked how the slow intro begins, starting the music from none other than Iris's theme (Mystery Lady) and then adding a sweet electric guitar tossed in, I liked this one. Cheers to a good lufia song.

on 2003-02-18 13:27:23

This is one of the many remixes on this site I love to listen to. It has a nice beat, yet a laid back feel to it, with a guitar that sticks out and pushes the power of the original "The Mystery Lady."

Edit: IMO, a must get! One of the few remixes I have no complaints about :D.

Western Oracle
on 2002-11-22 20:01:11

This is byfar my favorite OCR song. In the three years that I have been listening to songs off OCR, I have not found one that I like better. There is something about this song that just grabs me. Right around when the gutiar starts, I know that this song will be good. It then begins to shake me with an unrelenting fury while yelling "I am the best song you'll ever hear!" When things like that happen, you've got no choice but to like the song. That or go to a psychologist. Either way you win. The last 30ish second of the song is really great too. Kudos to DJP.

I am supprised that not that many other people have commented on this song. Go figgure.

on 2002-11-22 13:31:31

Holy shit this song is good.

I have no idea why there are so few posts about it. My best guess would be that every time someone listens to it, they become hospitalized. I don't blame them. The last time I listened to this, the next thing I remembered was waking up in an intensive care ward.

on 2002-08-06 22:33:05

This is my favorite mix from DJP. Very clean sounding along with the guitar(s) that sticks out like a sore thumb...a very good sore thumb. Actually I have no idea the definition of clean when it comes to remixes, but oh well. More on topic, this is my favorite up there with the Lunar BlueLament mix, with "Love hurts" coming in third. I don't dislike that one, very much the opposite, but it doesn't set as good of a mood as this and the lunar one does.

The bassline is very cool, probably my favorite bassline ever (I also heard it in one of Ragnarok Online's songs. Not the exact same, but the same style). The original song is arranged in a very good way here. In fact I don't care much for the original even after listening to this. I usually do.

Can't really say much more besides DOWNLOAD IT.

on 2002-07-21 17:53:10

Sweet, groovy mix! You can just feel those guitars blazing, and the whole style, while very different from the original tune, works surprisingly well. Definitely one of DJP's best, and with the remixes he's done, that's pretty darn good. If you like Sonic the Hedgehog 'Love Hurts', you'll love this one.

Nice drum loop, too.

on 2002-05-20 15:22:39

Lufia II 'Mystery in Red'

The drums caught me a bit off guard, because they don't hurt my ears

like so many other DJP tracks. The guitar works is great; very awesome.

Probably one of my favorite DJP tracks.

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Primary Game:
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (Natsume , 1995, SNES)
Music by Yasunori Shiono
"The Prophet"

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