ReMix:Top Gear "Dark Racer" 3:50

By Rob Saunders

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Bordeaux", "Las Vegas"

Primary Game: Top Gear (Kotobuki System , 1992, SNES), music by Barry Leitch

Posted 2002-01-29, evaluated by djpretzel

Hot on the heels of Rayza's excellent ReMix of the same track from the same game, Rob Saunders' first submission is also a worthy interpretation of this high-octane tunage. While it doesn't feature the atmospheric voice samples of our first Top Gear ReMix, it does have some unique and interesting characteristics. First off, the bassline is a curious filtered and delayed beast (adding a lot of character), the straight hi-hat run is abnormal but works in this instance, and the cross-panned arpeggios of wonder at 1'36" are fun to tilt your head back and forth to. It's the gating effect that follows, however, that makes the track. While the musicbox melody played over top could have used a smidgin of reverb to add some depth, the stop-start gating effect that worked wonders in Zeratul's Chrono Trigger 'Millennial Fair 2001' ReMix also does the trick here. Good stuff, and for a first ReMix, shows a promising bag of sonic tricks.



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on 2009-08-06 07:47:21

A lot of people seem to take issue with the first minute and a half, but in my opinion that's the best part of the song. The latter half uses way too high-pitched a synth and is just grating on the ears.

on 2007-12-11 12:39:37

Super mechanical, but has it's own distinct charm. I like the attention paid to the panning, and the source is good, though i've never played the game.

Most of the samples sound generic, and oftentimes it's a bit too sparse, but the song is catchy.

if you liked the game, you'll have a good time with this one, otherwise you'll probably want to pass.

on 2006-01-26 03:46:29

This song rocks. I love the remix. From a listeners point of view, I think it kicks ass. I love the build up. I love the tempo and the instruments used. This is one of my favourite remixes for sure.

Either way, props to Mr. Saunders. :D

Cheese Soda
on 2005-05-04 14:39:19

this songs gives me memmories back when i was playing this with a friend 2 days a row! And music from my fav. stage.

Ish wuvs it. great remix!

on 2004-11-21 12:34:16

We need more Top Gear remixes people


on 2004-11-20 19:24:31

How fantastic music!

When it moves in 01:36, starts to be the classic game music!


Wario Top Gear

Samus Aran
on 2003-03-25 15:57:11

Dude. 8)

Well, I must say that from a music theory perspective, there's nothing too stellar and innovative about this mix...and like people have said, the instruments are kind of low-quality, and personally, I could do without the first 1:35. Doesn't really seem to fit in with the rest of the mix, IMO.

Having said that...

MAN!!! I'm such a SUCKER for fast arpeggiated synths! :lol: It's pathetic! :P Despite the fact that these arpeggios are rather basic and simple, I just eat them up. ;) When I compose/arrange, I always seem to sneak some fast arpeggios in there. Can we say 'hyper synths'? I love this mix from 1:35 onward for that one reason! At 2:29... ahhh, it's so great! :mrgreen: One reason I think I'm so crazy for that is because super-fast synths evoke a very "old-school" VG feel. You know, when the synths are so fast they're pretty much impossible to play on an actual keyboard or bass. ;) Plus, great job on the panning! Little details like that really make a big difference. I can't wait to listen to these funky arps on a good set of headphones. :mrgreen:

And let me also say that your choice of a 'pluck synth' (can't think of a better description) for the melody theme at 2:03 makes it sound very... cute. ^_^

So although it's nothing too fancy... it strikes a nice chord in the more... "primal" OCR department. ;) Nice, fast-paced fun! :)

Barry Leitch
on 2003-03-09 20:03:19


I didnt compose this piece, but I arranged it for the SNES version of TG, I was never that keen on the original piece which was transcribed from the amiga version of lotus 1 maybe... , I notice your mix changes half way through, I cant remember if my original piece does that or not, if it did it was because I was sick of that original piece ;)

Good work :)


on 2002-09-21 03:31:59

Link updated! For all the people who care. :P

You can find more information about this mix here:

Read the About section (click the white car).

on 2002-08-07 00:58:01

Well the song brings nothing too new, i didnt like the long 1 minute intro, but the part where you get the the actual song, oh my, im loving, because your staying real with the song, and its fast-paced enough to keep on with the song.

You have more talent than i do, because you have the courage to take that criticism and actually make something sound not-too-bad. The song itself would rate 6/10 in my departement, but just because you have a great personality, and a lot of determination, im giving this 7/10 !

PS : Its your fault i started playing Topgear again, i hope your happy.

on 2002-07-26 01:37:13

I first heard this and thought it was pretty good. It turned out it was really just the melody I like (I had never heard the famous Top Gear track one before this). I heard other versions and they always brought me different feelings. One might be higher quality with a new feel to it. The original brought an even more video game feel than this one does (duh, it IS a video game).

I actually haven't heard this version in a long time, so this is basically just an overview of how different versions of this track feel. This one is just a lower quality one that brings back the memories of a good theme.

Having no "musical talent" and able to make a remix like this must take quite a lot of determination. Maybe I'm just comparing with my own talent, which is nada. Oh well, just felt this song needed some more reviews.

on 2002-06-27 16:43:43

I see nothing really wrong with it. I personally like it. Has that video game feel, unlike a lot of remixes.

on 2002-06-27 16:41:18

No need to apologize Orky. I'm what people call "lacking" in the musical skills department.

In all honesty it kinda surprises me when people tell me that they did actually like it.

on 2002-05-22 17:56:37

Top Gear 'Dark Racer'

Could be a lot more going on here, and the sounds are pretty lo-qual. In fact, I found some parts to be downright annoying - the bass sound around 1:50 and the part around 3:00 to name a few. Sorry Rob, but overall, can't say I really recommend this.

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Top Gear (Kotobuki System , 1992, SNES)
Music by Barry Leitch
"Las Vegas"

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