ReMix:Super Mario Kart "Trippin' on Rainbows" 3:27

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...

"Rainbow Road"

Primary Game: Super Mario Kart (Nintendo , 1992, SNES), music by Soyo Oka, Taro Bando

Posted 2002-06-23, evaluated by djpretzel

Huh. This is probably the least accessible of Mazedude's ReMixes. Though it's of a popular game - actually our first ReMix of Super Mario Kart - the genre is hard to pinpoint. Avant-garde hip-hop smooth jazz? Actually, it reminds me a lot of some of the stuff from the soundtrack to Beyond the Mind's Eye by Jan Hammer, primarily due to the usage of sax and muted-trumpet. I'm not often fond of muted trumpet, which can often just sound too darn nasal, but Miles Davis certainly pulls it off, and it works well here, along with some hybrid hip-hop and jazz drums, vibes, strings, and a really free-flow arrangement that must have taken quite awhile for Chris just to plan out. From the interesting electronic wasteland textures of the intro, to the jazzier mix that takes over from there, it really doesn't sound like anything else on the site, which is great. And it reminded me of both the Beyond the Mind's Eye and Gate to the Mind's Eye soundtracks (latter by Thomas Dolby) that I had a lot fun listening to back in the 90's. Recommended overall, highly recommended to those who are looking for something different and like jazz.



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on 2023-11-25 02:45:18

This is the first time I've heard this. I hear sparks of his first moments of genius here. So many fun riffs.

on 2022-09-24 00:15:42

Ok, so quick story... I've been searching for this song for YEARS

When I first stumbled upon this song when it came out in 2002, I wasn't even 11 yet (I'm 30 now, Jesus that still hasn't fully hit me!). I remember hearing it when I was around 12-14 as at the time, it wasn't exactly easy to come across video game music in the early-mid 00's (or I just didn't know where, also possible).

Fast forward to the past couple of years, and I know I heard this song on OCremix but for the life of me I couldn't remember the name of the song, just knew it was from a Mario game. I had thought it was Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64 or Super Mario World. Whenever I looked, I couldn't find it.

So today I figured, I knew I heard this song as a kid/teen so I have to look at songs from Mario games prior to 2005. That finally led me to Super Mario Kart and this song.

This remix is beautiful. I've been looking for this remix for years and I'm so glad it's still up.

Thank you for this piece of music, I'm definitely going to bed happy tonight

on 2022-03-21 01:35:29

Hmm. I get it, and I gotta say, I’m glad I’m getting it now because I’m not sure I would have understood this a while back. This really does seem like a mix that builds up and gets better with time and repeat listens. I understand the dislike some folks might have for some of the more disjointed jazzy parts especially in the opening minute, but once it starts clicking together I kinda dig it. All a matter of taste, which is perfectly fine. Not my favorite Mazedude mix, but still liked it.

on 2019-07-18 12:32:38
On 6/15/2011 at 9:33 AM, halc said:

ah, came across this one again while browsing Mazedude's homepage.. it's been far too long. this was one of my favorite old-school OCR mixes, and though Maze has come a lonnng way since this

in my book, mazedude just kind of came out of his egg and just was ready to rock by minute 1.

this shit is timeless. i have nothing else to say about it

i mean, maybe he's come a long way but i wouldn't be able to tell, judging from this. if he released this in 2010, i also woulda agreed to him having come a long way-

it's quite crazy.

on 2011-06-15 03:33:14

ah, came across this one again while browsing Mazedude's homepage.. it's been far too long. this was one of my favorite old-school OCR mixes, and though Maze has come a lonnng way since this, it's still every bit as enjoyable. thank you for this awesome mix. :)

SubNormal J3
on 2011-03-20 21:34:43

Mazedude is always full of surprises. So it comes to no surprise that this 'Rainbow Road' mix is genre defining in its own right. It starts with a dissident intro that quickly resolves into a slick conglomerate of pads, beats, keys, and a wailing trumpet. Interesting take on a great theme. One of my favorite Super Mario Kart mixes.

Jack Polo
on 2009-12-23 03:00:13

This Mix has really grown on me. I wasn't a big fan when I first heard it, but yeah, I definitely appreciate it more after a few listens.

I really like the alternation between the darker, experimental sounding sections, and the upbeat, saxy section. It really makes the Rainbow Road theme shine like it should. A very interesting atmosphere in this piece throughout, and it works. :-)

on 2009-12-17 08:41:05

Wow, this is almost like two different mixes in one! :tomatoface:

This is some top notch funky stuff from Mazedude. I love how the first part is dark and mysterious (albeit a little on the experimental side), and then quickly switches up into something more lighthearted. The saxophone I love, the way it fades and echoes makes it almost ethereal, more or less floating over the piece from above. The percussion was very tight, and the strings really fill in the rest of the soundscape that makes this track great.

A definite must download.

ella guro
on 2009-11-20 06:19:24

This is one of my favorite Mazedude mixes. I love how it starts out pretty dark and freaky, with things kind of all over the place and out of tune and then they just kinda of falls into place gradually. By the time you get to the second part of the melody, things have turned pretty upbeat (thankfully still keeping their super weirdness intact) and somehow he manages to use some of the most ultra-cheesy sax riffs I've ever heard and make them work. It's kind of uplifting in a strange way. Also I love those continuous wobbly percussive sounds, makes it sound like you're constantly bouncing off something rubbery.

Great stuff. We could use more Mario Kart remixes.

on 2009-06-09 00:24:05

This actually reminds me of the swanky musical direction that the next few Mario Kart games would go down, with their jazzy turnpike levels. Those were awesome.

I must admit, I remember reacting strongly against this mix after my first listening, but I also distinctly remember hearing it play in the background some time later and just falling in love with the sax. The sax was the hook I needed to further access the experimental, and often pretty scattershot noisescape that is thrown into this mix. After a few listens, there is so much to admire and enjoy here.

I would definately not call this smooth, nor would I say it is abstract, although some parts are more abstract than others. It's very Mazedude, and it is very worth the time spent growing accustomed to it. It may take longer than some more accessible songs, but the payoff is just as sweet.

on 2008-06-12 14:00:40

Yeah, this one needs to grow on you. The intro is way too experimental (read: random) for my tastes. It effectively builds up the piece though, but I think a bit of editing could benefit it as a whole. It just goes on for too long.

Once the theme itself comes in, it's a bit more grounded and it works pretty well.

The sax samples are excellently processed, and really sound like they are floating out into the night. The percussion was aite, and the vibes and strings do a good job of filling out the foundation made by the piano.

Very esoteric but it shines in a few spots, like a rainbow in the sky. -_-

on 2008-03-03 01:32:39

I love this one. It is what it says. It is trippy. I enjoy it immensely.

on 2008-03-01 17:10:37

Let me get it out of my system. It stank. :tomatoface:

Seriously. The only one of Mazedude's songs that stank.

on 2006-03-09 09:38:43

I was downloading some remixes I've lost in hard drive crashes and stuff and rembered this remix. It's one of my all time favorites and while I must agree that this isn't the most accessible remix from mazedude, I got right into it from the first listen, and I have no Idea why I haven't recommended this yet :P . So, RECOMMENDED. The dynamics are always fun and they will catch you off-guard in the first listen, but I bet they will leave you with a smile.

on 2005-07-15 08:27:44

About a year ago I downloaded all of ocremix at that time, and chucked it into my iTunes playlisting. When I first saw that someone had decided to remix Rainbow Road (which I should point is probably my favourite non-remixed game tune, so I might be bias), I decided I'd take a listen, and at first was very unimpressed.

However this tune has grow on me over time, and I feel stands head-and-shoulders above anything else (not being insulting to the other remixes). It dares to combine a number of styles, and do things which are unexpected and unusual. Truely a great remix of a great song :)

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Primary Game:
Super Mario Kart (Nintendo , 1992, SNES)
Music by Soyo Oka,Taro Bando
"Rainbow Road"

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