ReMix:The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Triforce Majeure" 7:22

By Disco Dan

Arranging the music of one song...

"Hyrule Castle"

Primary Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo , 1991, SNES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2004-05-24, evaluated by djpretzel

Part of my love for this ReMix's title comes from the fact that I thought of it; Dan was blank and I suggested this and he was cool with it. I'm actually a bit miffed now because I can't use it for my own purposes, but sharing is caring or so they say. Beyond a snappy mix title, this is a GREAT ReMix - instant classic. It incorporates the best elements of Dan's style with a flair for the dramatic, a satisfying degree of length and variation, and some infectious beats. It takes its own sweet time to get going, introing with a pad swelll and a bell/clarinet statement of the verse melody in a tense, mysterious atmosphere, with bass pizzicato hinting at the bassline to come, then the beat filters its way in at the first minute mark, the bass gets goin', and at 1'22" some slick brass stabs join the fray. Main synth verse melody comes in at 1'35" with a nice gulpy analog lead with a lovely filter envelope. There's then what I'd call an extended bridge with some fast arpeggios and string stabs leading up to the GREAT main event at 2'40", where majestic orchestra stabs really let loose. The whole thing is watertight, with sequencing that keeps the beat right on top of things. It's not too easy to queue up orchestral with techno this tightly, with this many rapid, repeating patterns, and that's where this mix really shines - couldn't have been done any other way, and Dan pulled it off without exception. Love the percussion solo tradeoffs at 4'20", which leads into an alternate, retro drumset being layered in on top of the heavier kit and the mix going back into the verse. This is a 7'22" ReMix, people, and not only is the encoding ace, but you're gonna love all 7+ minutes. Dan's style screams for a varied melody of this strength, and while he's had great success with the Mega Man games, this particular track had his name written on it. Very addictive, amazingly well-architected, and in a word: tight.



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on 2016-11-30 17:04:45

I get goosebumps every time.

on 2010-09-02 11:54:48

Takes the best of both worlds or electronic and orchestral and mixes them with panache. The arrangement isn't rushed, and the beat is hot. Take notes, guys, this is a master at work. Like some of the other top-tier remixes on the site, the only way to make something like this better would be to have it performed live.

Astoundingly good.

on 2010-06-07 22:52:49
I really like the section with the arpeggios at about 2:15. It really sets the stage for the rest of the song and is great to listen to.

I completely agree.

on 2010-02-28 16:23:47

Hyrule Castle is in my opinion the best track on the the Link to the Past game and I'm proud to say that you can add me to the list of people who have been caught daydreaming and being woken up by the epicness at 2:40. There aren't a whole lot of songs that I can listen to for over seven minutes before I'm pacing back and forth and cheating by fast-forwarding, but this is one of those that make me sit still and smile. Disco Dan (great name BTW) delivers on this one. Sweet work!

on 2009-09-08 11:19:54

A true OCR opus the likes of which we haven't seen since. The level of polish and ingenuity that accompanies the deceptive simplicity of the concept is second to none. This is a mix that is going to stay timeless and as powerful as it was the day it was released, simply because it covers absolutely everything in terms of quality.

In the past, Disco Dan has consistently proven that he has the chops to combine the sensibilities of both orchestral and modern genres, but this is where everything truly aligned and hit the sweet spot. The two styles of music, coupled with the right creative approach, the right expertise and the right source, all combined to spark a rare bit of magic.

One of the big champions of videogame remixing lore. It's as ear-pleasing as it is significant. Perfect.

on 2009-07-21 01:53:32

Best compliment I can bestow on any piece of music:

Every time I hear this, I snap to attention around 2:40 and double check that I've already given it 5 stars in iTunes/iPod. It's just a standout track from a soundtrack littered with already good material. Remarkable.

on 2009-01-06 22:13:17

Nice pick up phrase. Way to intrigue the song. BTW, I do not know what that reverb guitar sound is but it rocks!

on 2008-07-12 08:45:03

When I'm concentrating on other things, 2:40 always wakes me up to ask "What on earth am I listening?"

This song is a mindblower.

on 2008-04-17 01:59:52

Hooooly crap. Definitely one of the more original takes on this song.

I've always been a fan of Disco Dan (rhyme unintentional)

This song is just so kick-ass, I can't really find one thing to say about it. Listen to this one, and be amazed.

on 2007-11-19 13:18:40

This is one of DD's best, I'd say.

on 2007-01-19 08:14:11

This remix is absolutely amazing. I'm really a fan of drum and bass hits, and this remix just got it. Everything is just so well mixed, it's worth every second to listen to.

on 2006-12-17 04:50:20

Great song, I've heard some really amazing renditions of other great songs ( More than enough from One-Winged Angel, believe me ) and yet I've never heard an independently remixed song to be so true to not just the song, but the series from which it came. I can clearly Imagine some parts of the song in ALttP,OoT, and TP (the new one, Twilight Princess) Especially TP, because the song in general has always been dark, and TP really compliments it, I think. Anyway, good job man.

Felix the Cat
on 2006-07-08 12:46:24

Eh... it's aight, I've heard better, I heard worse. Ok I was just joshing, this was actually one of the best I've heard on this site. Excellent job. :D

LoZ Legend
on 2006-05-04 06:29:46

pretty good...but...i'd rather not tell

fantastic..loved it

on 2006-02-23 20:48:01

great song with a very infectious beat. As many others have said, it is very impressive that Disco Dan could make this so interesting and yet so long. I really like the section with the arpeggios at about 2:15. It really sets the stage for the rest of the song and is great to listen to. One of my ocr favorites.

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Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo , 1991, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Hyrule Castle"

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