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OCR01184 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Triforce Majeure"


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Absolutely stunning work here, Dan. I had no idea orchestrals could be blended so perfectly with techno. This one definitely goes in my "Favorites" playlist!

The opening almost reminds me of a song from Princess Mononoke...I can't remember the exact title, though. "Couple in the Forest?" Something like that. ^^;; The gradual build-up of instruments...it made it sound very professional.

This mix took a great song and made it even better - parts are soaring, heroic and majestic, while others remind you of sneaking around Hyrule Castle and slaying the soldiers in order to reach Princess Zelda...it very much captures the soul of the game, in my opinion. ^^

Keep up the wonderful work!

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...it very much captures the soul of the game, in my opinion.

You know, I was going to put that...but no, you beat me. Commendable. Anyway, this is a truly great mix. Incredible work, keeps up my interest. It's unique, my favorite Zelda mix so far.

As soon as all the mixes for tonight are posted, i'm making a CD of the songs for all my friends...and sleeping. Been a hell of a day.

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The second I realized what I was listening to, I had to rush to create an account. This remix represents why LttP is my favorite game of all time. I can't find a single flaw in it. Brilliant the whole way through. My favorite remix by MILES. Bravo, Dan.

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whoa... probably the best remix i've heard in a long long time. i can't find any faults, nor do i want to. Just christ, the mix between orchestra and techno, and how perfectly everythings blended.

This remix is just smooth, and yet another remixer's who's talent i must suck from their brain. @.@;; wow...

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This mix is simply amazing, feels like something that would come from a movie soundtrack (Zelda movie = gasm). Very polished and high quality, this is the best Zelda remix I've heard in a long, long time. I love songs that build and evolve over time, Dan made this song so diverse it nearly plays out a plot in my mind!

0-1 Minutes - Link spies the entrance to a dungeoun, looks suspicious, but if he wants to free that sage...

1-2 Minutes - He's got to go in, with his master sword flying several weaker enemies are sliced in half/blown up/shot full of arrows.

2-3 Minutes - Stalfos rush! One skelton attacks from dead ahead, but Link's Hylian shield blocks the blow, but while straining to keep the weight of this enemy's blade back... at 2:15 a second Stalfos charges from his unguarded left! Backflip into a sword-triwl! The sneak attacking stalfos is dealt with, and with a few more sword slashes so is the original...

3-4 Minutes - On an adrenaline high, Link explores the next room of the dungeon, just walking around happily until... (you can easily make this part out if you listen) Link falls off a ledge at 3:20! But grasps the side just in time, peering down into the abyss he spies something down below... another ledge with the boss key!

4-5 Minutes - A quick leap down, and a decorated treasure chest opened, Link dashes to the boss room, running his sword through lesser enemies, slaying a Moblin before finally coming to that gold lock... at 4:45 you can just make out a door close scene with a sneaky boss like Gohma in OoT crawling around on the walls, just waiting...

5-6 Minutes - The boss shows himself, and Link attacks him several times around the legs... nothing, a sword -twirl to the chest and he's laughing in Link's face. The boss backhands Link back into the dirt, and stomps on him while he's down, at 5:50 the music is so high strung I can almost make out the familar warning beep when you're running on one heart.

6-6:45 Minutes - Link reaches into his pocket and pulls out a red potion, quickly takes a gulp of it, and dashes out of the way just in time to miss a sword blow that would've cleaved him in half... and its then the boss's weakness is revealed! While the sword is stuck in the ground his eye starts glowing green, he pulls out his bow and arrow and fires a shot off! The boss is pissed now, but so enraged he misses Link again, and another arrow flies into his eye, and another as Link runs circles around him threading one arrow after another into his bowstring until the boss falls to one knee, panting heavily... and is soon finished off by a master sword decapitation.

6:45-End - Link gains his medallion, freeing the sage of this dungeon, and makes his way out, just another day in the life of the Hero of Time.

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This remix is some of the best work I've heard in ages. It's the kind of remix that makes me ashamed of the stuff I make, because this is simply an outstanding remix. Is this what can be classified as an eargasm?

Great work, DiscoDan! Hoping to hear more from you in not too long.


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Completely amazing...

This is definately what I've been waiting for in a remix all of my life spent here on www.ocremix.org.

At first I thought it was on of them boring, slow, not-exciting, remixes, until that great beat came in! Excelent, a great orchestrated/techno remix of the ever-catchy dark world theme. My prayers have been answered!!!

Thank you for making this wonderful piece of work, hope theres more where that came from!

(Hah! I just joined the message boards to give you a review! XD )

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Wow, I never even saw the castle song as remxing material, and now Disco Dan has taken it and made it so awesome it hurts. Those unbelievably dramatic string bursts are by far the best part. But without the things in-between, the giant swells wouldn't really be giant swells now would they? Put simply, this is an amazing piece of music. Fucking nice work.

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