Posted 2010-07-21, evaluated by djpretzel

Alrighty, then. First off, a warning, albeit non-parental: THIS MIX IS NSFW AND HAS EXPLICIT LYRICS, including gems like "dick" (!) and the almighty F-bomb.

If you object to rap, profanity, or - double whammy - BOTH, avoid this mix like the plague. I'm talking Bubonic, fa real. For the review thread, feel free to chime in saying the genre ain't your thing, or offering constructive crits, but please do avoid any comments to the effect of "This offends my Jesus," or similar; you've been warned. Joe Cam, who has a higher Xbox Live gamerscore than 99% of you, writes:

"This song was a product of the 2009 OneUp Studios BBQ and our desire to make our own track after hearing the OCR FFIV project. Think of this as our tribute to the tribute as well as our tribute to alcohol fueled blackouts. Thought with so many musicians and a few non-musicians all in one spot, might as well put that talent to proper use and bust out a sweet song for the world to share. Went through some touchups for a bit and then sat on the backburner until MAGFest when I asked Mustin on the status so we could submit it to OCR. It's not the most TIMELY remix submission, but I'm sure there's plenty of people who'd get a kick out of it anyways

Quick remix info, we started off with the chorus being the primary remix, but after starting on the verses we figured it'd be cooler to touch on a few great themes from the game as each verse would have it's own identity. So after Mustin took care of the first verse with me, Kunal prepared the second verse for Pappy's vocals and Jared Dunn (drummer & occasional keyboards for The OneUps) kicked some ass on the third verse. Also of note, William Reyes (rhythm guitar for The OneUps) has some guitar work featured in the second verse. Hope you guys enjoy!

Now, I get to throw Vinnie under the proverbial bus for direct-posting this, since I don't have judge comments to pad my writeup with. It's somewhat ironic that my biggest criticism of this mix is that the lyrics employ a frat-ish fetishism of Everclear, since at the time of writing I've consumed a bottle of red wine, myself. Pot, meet kettle. But seriously, if all this mix had going on was a bunch of dudes saying how rad it was that they got crunk on moonshine, I'd like to think it wouldn't have passed. Also, I'm not entirely sure how to take Joe's comment about this mix being a tribute to Echoes of Betrayal, because that album had a few tracks that stand up to the best of what OUS has produced over the years, so I do hope it's not sarcasm at play. Regardless, it seems more in tune with the spirit of nefarious mega-collab 'Rhymes with Elixir,' and provides that track with some great, decidedly more R-rated company. There's dicks and butts and "interactions" between the two, I can divulge that much, and generally speaking the word "gratuitous" fits the lyrics like a condom. I mean glove, of course; the bad influence must have rubbed off.

If you've actually explored something I like to call "The Internet" a bit, none of this will have much, if any, shock value, but it does mark the first time since "Niggaz 4 Life" that we've posted a hip-hop/rap arrangement with such potentially polarizing lyrics. I think it'd be perfectly fair to call this mix juvenile, but then again, that label isn't mutually exclusive with solid arrangement & production. Critically speaking, the lyrics do get a little lazy and at times seem to be aiming too hard for the jugular of those they are bound to offend, but the mix is catchy, and I had the chorus bouncing around in my head after a couple playthroughs, and that means something to me.

The phrases "Not everyone's cup of tea" and "Your mileage may vary" have never been more appropriate, but it's a solid, catchy rap mix with lyrics that fully embrace the sophomoric, and that makes it part of a large cross-section of modern American music. Love it or hate it, here it is :)



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on 2024-04-05 23:38:40

So, it's 14 years since this absolute banger was released. It's come up in rotation for me more than a few times over the years, but I honestly forgot about it until.... It came on while I was driving across town the other day and I knew every single word! So many great lines. Managing to rhyme "charges" with "beverages" kills me every time as well as the "terroristic beard" lol

Are the lyrics terrible? Yes, but it was supposed to be a group of guys horsing around and it makes me laugh every time.

Anyway, I'm 42 now and this is still as awesome as when I heard it at 28

on 2014-08-23 03:28:48

Without the lyrics, it just would be rejected outright. The melodic instruments playing the source usage are so minimal and occasionally mechanical, and the drums are just flat. Sorry, I can't really get into this, because the lyrics are not exactly tasteful. :/

on 2011-09-07 01:07:30

This is rather hilarious, and I had managed to skip this somehow (probably the same way I skipped Sixto's "Burn, Baby, Burn!" when it came out) until tonight.

It's friggin' hilarious, and the content is just loltacular.

But the part that always gets me is the end.


Holy Land
on 2011-01-10 05:33:31

First time I listened to this, I was unimpressed. The chorus, and lyrics as a whole, are not very hot.

Now I think it has solid beats, and Joe Cam's vocals are spot-on. It really grew on me.

on 2011-01-05 11:36:40

Wow, wth. I'm so surprised at this thread. I honestly assumed everyone thought this song was hilarious. I even showed it to a couple of friends and they loved it. I didn't know this song was so controversial.

I love it, btw. :)

on 2011-01-01 11:50:02

I love this ReMix for one simple reason: It's a joke song that you know is going to piss people off. It's too much fun watching people get all bent out of whack over this. But does it sound good? Sure, if you don't take it seriously. Is it more suited for OLR? Probably. Could it be a little less juvenile? Absolutely. But all in all, I see nothing wrong with most of the production, the lyrics, while corny and white as hell, are okay (but really, let's leave this to Weird Al from now on). This is a ReMix that begs the question to a lot of reviewers: "Why so serious"? Not the best ReMix, at all, but it was worth it for the review thread.

on 2010-10-18 16:18:57

I haven't heard this mix until just now. I kinda wish I didn't listen to it. It's not the vulgarity of the track that I mind. It's the fact that the lyrics are just so... corny. The majority of the lines feel forced and fake, as if they're just there to take up space and provide a rhyme for a previous line.

If the sole purpose of the song was to make the audience laugh, the song failed in that respect. If the sole purpose was to offend quite a few people, then judging by the rest of this thread, the song fulfilled its purpose.

on 2010-10-04 18:36:07

Vulgarity! Violation of the Poetry of Rap! Veneration of Immaturity! Void of Creativity!

That was my impression of the past 10 pages of comments.

Whatever, I think my biggest problem with the song is that I feel like the chorus could have happened one less time in the song. Maybe not using it as the intro and conclusion or something. Though the creative changes to the final line are neat. I would love to hear a instrumental version of this (like Nuff Sand In Yo Eyez) as well, for the occasions that I find any lyrics distracting. Content-wise, there are jokes/references that I don't understand, which occurs with most music; along with references that I may be misinterpreting.

The mix is fun, but I found one issue that I don't think was addressed earlier.

I challenge the Crakaz Co's capacity to comsume alcohol. After any single person has consumed 10 shots of Jager I question their ability to drink any great amount of Everclear, notwithstanding a full case of beer (shared between you all I presume). Spread it out over enough hours and anything is possible, but come on people - let's not get too ridiculous. :roll:

on 2010-08-10 10:48:56

I‘m impressed at the directions this thread took. To bring us back on track though, I think we can all agree on one thing when looking at a remix of this kind of flavour:

Any form of words, lyrics, poetry, and sentences, with or without entertaining expression, vulgar or fluffy, humorous or serious, are more than just letters fused together. They contain a power, gigantic or small, that can either build or destroy something. And of course, profanity's purpose is only a back-up move to make something or someone spitting those words more powerful than everything else but in reality displays how weak and hurt people really are. The power of words causes controversy that does not sleep, praise that leaves a listener begging for more, dismissal that will help someone move on, and violent opposition that proclaims what the opposing party believes as truth worth dying for. This mix is no different. If words, songs, essays, profanity, and lyrics were just letters on paper or literally audible evaporated spit, and yet they do not communicate something powerful (positive or negative), which in fact they ALWAYS DO, ALL rap/lyrical remixes would NEVER exist on OCR, djpretzel would never post a disclaimer in his description, and this thread will be pretty much dead quiet.

I may even include this post in future commentary if I decide to actually submit a remix with vocals here (which would probably be highly unlikely).

Martin Penwald
on 2010-08-09 16:34:37

I, for one, enjoyed this remix. Yes, the lyrics don't have much purpose to them; they're just about having fun and getting into trouble. For what they're intented to be, they're spot on.

However, as djp pointed out in his write-up, the lyrics sometimes "seem to be aiming too hard for the jugular of those they are bound to offend." Especially Flik's part "I just came on your face! But it's not so bad You got practice with your dad" is way over the top; a little less would've been more.

Overall, I enjoyed past works like Da black market and River City Rap more, but still, I'm having fun with this one.

on 2010-08-04 15:48:52

Relistening to this, I gotta say, this is pretty funny. Nice work guys :D

on 2010-08-03 05:28:07

"da black market" is one of my favorite mixes. never fails to put a smile on my face and get my head bobbin. 8-) i've been listening to ocr for over a decade, and at the time it was a new thing--vocal arrangements were scarce and hip-hop moreso (dct's "memories frozen in time" was posted earlier that year, and the excellent "niggaz 4 life" the year before). i went in not knowing what to expect and liked it instantly. the beat is simple, yet groovy and catchy--at just the right laid-back i-don't-give-a-fuck kinda tempo; but, the real draw was the lyrics and execution, both which impressed me and had me laughing at the same time. to think that i still regard the piece highly five years since its creation is testament to both the quality of the arrangement and clever execution of the lyrics.

despite sounding incredibly "white" you guys had some nice rhymes and flow, and i really, really dug the fact that you portrayed ness and co. as this group of hardass mofos, which in a sense, they were ('cause giygas sure as hell wasn't messin around). and flik's verse is just sick, incredibly sick. white or not, those kinda lyrical acrobatics take talent.

so sorry it's five years late, but...joe, mythril, d-lux, flik--thank you for such a kickass mix. :grin:

well, now that i've established myself as a fan (i come in peace!), i've gotta say--not diggin this mix quite as much. i definitely respect all musicians involved and the spirit through which the piece was birthed; i think that in the end musicians should make music they enjoy and just have fun with it. i don't particularly object with the fact that it was posted or the method thereof--not my calls to make, anyway. ocr has posted far far worse stuff in the past, most of which has since been removed after its new submission guidelines came into effect, but "everclear hangover iv" is certainly produced well and has a decent beat.

it's not quite my stylistic cup of tea--i prefer more melodic and funky beats to dirty south/crunk type beats, but it gets the job done. my main beef is with the lyrics--not because they're offensive or anything like that, but they're just...empty. lacking purpose. not explicit or profane enough to offend, not intense or stylish enough to impress, not humorous or witty enough to make you snigger--it is exactly as lame as the subject matter itself; namely, getting drunk off your ass and letting your dick get you in trouble.

i don't think vocal game mixes' lyrics need to be about or even reference the game, but that was one of the elements that made "da black market" great. it took an ordinary kid with a striped shirt and baseball cap and threw him into a world where he was a badass with a posse ready to fuck pokey up. not only did the lyrics make some great reference to the game but they were clever, and the rappers did a bang-up job.

so once again, i'm all for having fun and all that, and i'm glad you guys are still doing your thing. ocr may be serious guideline business but good to know that these types of mixes make it through once in awhile. but, i would really, very really much like to see another mix along the lines of "da black market". this mix feels like a small step back. which, to be fair, is understandable since you guys weren't exactly priming it to be the best mix out there, but as a fan, this makes me want more, 'cause i know what you guys are capable of.

and i'll be damned if i won't wait another five years to get it.

till then, keep it realz yo

on 2010-08-01 11:34:31

Brilliant remix if you don't listen to the lyrics.

Brandon Strader
on 2010-07-29 19:06:13
On a side note, this thread is tagged with vocals, but the common tag up to this point has been vocal.


There's more than 1 vocal though, so it's plural. :-D

It's not everyday that you get an epic composition with multiple vocalists!

Josh Whelchel
on 2010-07-29 18:30:16

On a side note, this thread is tagged with vocals, but the common tag up to this point has been vocal.


Sources Arranged (4 Songs)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy IV (Square , 1991, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Another Moon"
"Castle Damcyan"
"Mystic Mysidia"
"Somewhere in the World..."

Tags (6)

Hip Hop
Vocals: Male,Vocals: Rapping
Lyrics > Lyrics: Explicit
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration

File Information

5,334,283 bytes


Last night
Can't believe what I did
Something so bad it's gotta be hid
Ten shots of Jäger
A full case of beer
Why the fuck did I drink Everclear?

Last night
Can't believe what I did
Something so bad it's gotta be hid
Ten shots of Jäger
A full case of beer
Why the fuck am I even still here?

Joe Cam:

Can't BELIEVE it's already 3:30pm
Drunk all night with my friends again
Party all night with some bitches again
Blacked out early on 'til God knows when

My car's on fire and my ears are bleedin'
Try to gain composure but my mind is reelin'
I think my dick has lost all feelin'

What the fuck happened?
I cannot remember
Haven't been sober since last December
I've been lit up like a fiery ember
And then I crashed harder than that one September
(Did he go there?)

I think I am a little bit fucked
I think I used up ALL my luck
It feels like I've been hit by a truck
And now it's time to nap


Last night
Can't believe what I did
Something so bad it's gotta be hid
Ten shots of Jäger
A full case of beer
Why the fuck did I drink Everclear?

Last night
Can't believe what I did
Something so bad it's gotta be hid
Ten shots of Jäger
And a full case of beer
How the fuck did we murder a steer?


Tryin' not to pass out is the last thing I recall
Sippin' on that last stout, holdin' up a wall
How did I let them talk me into this?
I think I'm seein' blood every time I take a piss!

We crashed a couple parties
Talked up a lot of bitches
Took her to the corner
And now my weiner itches!

They found me on the floor
Of Apartment 83
With a lady of the night
Only she was hung like me

So now I am in jail
Friends are nowhere to be found
And I think my cellmate Bubba's
Gonna fuck me in the brown!



Last night
Can't believe what I did
Something so bad it's gotta be hid
Ten shots of Jäger
A full case of beer
Why the fuck did I drink Everclear?

Last night
Can't believe what I did
Something so bad it's gotta be hid
Ten shots of Jäger
A full case of beer
Why the fuck is this dick in my ear?


(Awww shit)
Joe Cam's been makin' too many charges
Buyin' alcoholic bever-ages
Mini Q has lots of crazy partyin' times
Enough for me to write some poopy-doopity rhymes

You see, Dale is too hot
And Mustin is not
'Cuz his terroristic beard is gonna get us all shot!

All I've been tryin' to do lately
Is get some fuckin' sleep
But these dicks stop likin' bitches, makin' too many peeps

Please sit on my dick
Please sit on my dick
But watch out, not too much or you're gonna make it sick!

Oh, God, too late
I just came on your face!
But it's not so bad
You got practice with your dad

Revenge is a dish served best on glass
I guess you'll have to take it out on my ass
But for now, I'll just let you use your mind
'Cuz I think I just fuckin' ran out of time...


Last night
Can't believe what I did
Something so bad it's gotta be hid
Ten shots of Jäger
A full case of beer
Why the fuck did I drink Everclear?

Last night
Can't believe what I did
Something so bad it's gotta be hid
Ten shots of Jäger
A full case of beer
The end of the song is here...



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