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OCR02071 - Final Fantasy IV "Everclear Hangover IV"


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Here it is.

Production wise, this is gold (bar minor picky things with some vocal mixing).

Source usage fine, of course.

And as for reaching out to new genres and not discriminating, that's also great.

Now, it's always been my belief that when we have mixes come in, we rate them as arrangements, their production values, but also as stand-alone works and how they'd sit alone in their own genre.

I gotta say that I don't think this stands as a work in its own genre, and to say that this is "good rap" is kind of degrading to the genre - there's nothing witty in the lyrics, there are no strong meaningful thematic material, and there's really no meaningful inspiration to this work; and yes this is coming from a guy who knows exactly what an everclear hangover feels like.

Unfortunately, this devalues what I considered the standards of this community to be - which may be a step in the right direction. I feel like an inside-joke between a few friends, regardless of their status in the community, is not really the kind of material you guys should be promoting.

Critically speaking, the lyrics do get a little lazy and at times seem to be aiming too hard for the jugular of those they are bound to offend, but the mix is catchy

This seems like a painful excuse to post this mix - lyrical content is equally important, if not MORE important than production values - arrangers and composers do not include anything in their music "lazily," and every piece of the puzzle should be quite important, so why in the world does a central element to this track get by as being lazy. Furthermore, djpretzel's writeup feels more like a list of reasons why this was let through, or an excuse, rather than a confident post, as it really should be.

Just my two cents, of course - I very much support this community and I stand by the decisions made with faith that you guys have been doing this for quite some time now and more a hell of a lot more than me, but I also have to say... Vinnie, bad call. This should have been paneled, at the very least. I'm not really out to start some great debate or anything, but I know that can't be avoided and I know it was coming anyway.

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*chime* The Genere Ain't My Thing!

But come on. I didn't like the somewhat recently posted 'Link to the Mask' all that much either, but I'll admit it was clever and well made. Like someone said, this just feels like a lazy in-joke that only seeks to offend, somehow...

Every generation needs their 'The Music of My Groin', I suppose.

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I'm with Josh on this one. The writeup read like an apology just about all the way through.

I don't tend to listen to a lot of rap, but it's the lyrics that make it or break it for me on that kind of a mix, and they definitely didn't shine here.

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I'd have to agree with Kenogu, though with more emphasis. Just wasted a minute and thirty seconds of my life, I might add (the song is 3:38, but I was honestly sick of it after the first 30 seconds.) Tell you what - strip out the lyrics. With the void of silence that would create throughout the song, fill it in with something. Then I might finish listening to it: you may even have people look past the lyrics tab, and actually click to the download section. :lol:

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I want to echo everything Josh Whelchel said. I agree entirely.

See as someone who's got like, 5 posts, I'm confused if this is supposed to be a inside joke or something. I read the lyrics before I listened, and they didn't seem so bad (I listen to a lot of rap so I'm not some super "pure" person) so I gave it a listen and the lyrics just didn't flow, and the song didn't catch my attention or anything. Basically, if you were to replace the sound and tone of the singers voices and replaced them with a synth or something, this song wouldn't have been any good, in my opinion.

I dunno. See I'm typing this in fear of looking like an idiot because I feel like I'm missing the point entirely or something.

Edit: I gave it a second listen, and arrangement wise it's not as bad as I thought it was the first time. I still think it's...not very good though, no offense.

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That's because it's rap. It's not supposed to be ultra-melodic.

Yeah but if it's not gonna be melodic then it should either:

A) Have a meaning


B) Be catchy

Read my edit. It's a matter of taste, really, I hate this kind of rap.

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Some people have preconceived notions of what rap is. It doesn't give you an excuse to make a song full of dry samples and sing-song talking. The vocals are also too dry and nerdy with practically no force behind them. This "choir" is more suited to singing showtunes. This isn't something I would have passed, but it gives hope to a lot of the people without fancy production knowledge. They can just say "Well look at this, you passed it very recently". As for how much more harsh this criticism is than usual... hey, they can deal with it. They're not babies. Just read the lyrics. :-P

This remix has taught me to appreciate Rhymes with Elixir.

Post your opinion

Also I agree 100% with Josh Whelchel :-P

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I hate this, to be honest. It's lazy and I was bored of it after thirty seconds.

There are some of us who work our arses off to try to get stuff posted by the dragons on the Judges' panel, and then djp just direct-posts a pile of crap like this. The production isn't even nearly glossy enough, considering that that's just about all it has going for it. Sounds like someone threw it together in about two hours to be honest.

Sorry, if I'm offending the artists. :dstrbd: But this really shouldn't have been posted, it's not up to standard.

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