ReMix:Final Fantasy V "Lore of the Ancients" 3:54

By AeroZ

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Final Fantasy V (Square , 1992, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2010-09-10, evaluated by djpretzel

Next up is AeroZ with a quirky electronica take on 'Bewitched' - DarkeSword writes:

"I knew right away when I came up with this project that I should ask AeroZ; the guy is an awesome artist and really loves Final Fantasy V. We talked about what kind of theme a Blue Mage would have, and we decided that something eccentric sounding would be appropriate. The Blue Mage copies the techniques of enemy monsters, and only learns techniques by subjecting himself to an attack; I think that qualifies as being just a little nuts. So AeroZ went to work and delved into the slightly unhinged mind of the Blue Mage, giving us a great, intense electronic tune."

For my money, you can't have an FF5 album without Sebastian: he's got two mixes of the game already on the site, and I've been privy firsthand to his evangelizing the soundtrack as both awesome and underappreciated. I'm glad Shariq saw the need for his presence on WIND, and the resulting track is playful, divergent, and chock full o' varied textures. Crunchy, silky, rough, slinky, and serpentine synths contribute to a spiralling seance of blue magic; just listening closely and following the independent effects, panning, modulation, and dynamics of each component involved is quite fun. Since this theme is basically a variation of the main theme, it also juxtaposes nicely with Sixto's previous mix, showing two wildly different interpretations of a similar melody. More great stuff from WIND; I'd say more, but I've gotta keep 'em coming!



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on 2012-09-18 09:43:03

I can greatly appreciate the difference in styles between Sixto's and AeroZ's arrangements for this. Seems more like a low key and sneakier take on the source, and I really liked the how this ReMix progress from the intro on. EmptyClaw said it best, it's very playful and mysterious. Very nice.

on 2010-12-16 22:22:48

I like the style of this arrangement. I'd go into greater detail but I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said any better than they did, so I will just say that I enjoyed this piece a lot.

on 2010-12-10 23:46:14

Unfortunately, I can't say this immediately appeals to me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that the song is bad. Hardly. It's definitely well-structured, and it's got a neat funk. But only pieces manage to really capture my active interest. Lore is probably one of those songs I'll have to repeat a few times to appreciate because I can't immediately tell where it's going.

I always like to have my mind stretched though, so thanks for more free music, AeroZ. :-)

on 2010-12-08 23:13:29

I love how eclectic this is. Sebastian really knows how to work things in his favor, and I think he really did capture the Blue Mage really well with this mix. The combinations of synths works great, and it's just overall fun to listen to. Nice work, as always!

on 2010-12-08 13:31:41

Wow, this mix starts out feeling very retro SNES and develops into something much much more. I love the strings that start around 3:00, they really help to flush out the melody. The imagery is very strong, and I could definitely tell the kind of off-kilter character you were depicting. Good mix!

on 2010-12-05 15:19:39

This one feels mysterious yet playful to me, which works so well. Nice song to groove to and move to. It leaves some great imagery.

on 2010-12-05 02:27:44

The source, Deception, is a pretty short song. I'm always really impressed when a remixer can take a source that's really short and work with it and evolve it into a full song. That sort of thing doesn't always work out as sometimes it gets repetitive or you get a bunch of filler that isn't related to the source, but I don't find that to be the case here.

This is really catchy, and I love that it evokes the feel of Final Fantasy V, if that makes sense. If the game were ever remade, I think this would fit in perfectly.

Big thumbs up to AeroZ, a name I hope to see in every Final Fantasy project henceforth. :D

Kenogu Labz
on 2010-12-04 00:00:52

Maaan. I really need to just go and check out more of AeroZ's stuff; I always find it super catchy, but then never bother to download it.

I've really loved this melody, ever since I took the time to start playing the game. This electronic take on it really *clicks* somehow. Nice job again, and hope to hear more FF V awesome from you again, soon!

on 2010-10-12 11:54:56

not enough love for this song! :-( i can give it a little more.

i still listen to this pretty regularly and it is also a bit of an of inspiration for a remix that i'm working on currently. i especially love the inclusion of the SNES strings about a minute in, that's one of my favorite sounds. very awesome stuff. :)

on 2010-09-13 02:08:06

Sounded really reminiscent of another AeroZ take on one of the source tunes, to the point where I was having some serious Deja Vu, until I realized that yes, I had heard this before.

Not really a knock against this particular track, though. This accomplishes what it sets out to do quite deftly, can't really complain. Well, I could, but there's nothing really glaring out in this track. The lack of direction is quite intentional, the quirky and sometimes contrary sounds used very deftly channel the madness of a Blue Mage.

on 2010-09-10 15:41:16

Great creative work from Sebastian, awesome textures and counter melodies, and the new rhythms and effects really feel like some sort of madcap mage is off in his own world. I really like the quasi-string synth that comes in at 1:13 and punctuates the phrase. Solid breakdowns, transitions, and dynamics round out a really strong arrangement, and of course AeroZ's sonic signature is unmistakable.

Really fun track, check it out. :-)

Dark Vagabond
on 2010-09-10 15:22:45

This remix, it gives me the warm fuzzies with its many layers of audio velvet smoothness.

on 2010-09-10 13:24:02

AWESOME! i've never really played the game, so the music is pretty unfamiliar to me, but AeroZ's FF5 mixes tend to be my favorites of his. this might be his best one yet. love it :D

on 2010-09-10 12:44:20

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Final Fantasy V (Square , 1992, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu

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