ReMix:Sonic the Hedgehog "Sonik Cosmotronik" 3:27

By Sir_NutS

Arranging the music of one song...

"Green Hill Zone"

Primary Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega , 1991, GEN), music by Masato Nakamura

Posted 2016-06-23, evaluated by djpretzel

Last but not least, SPECIFICALLY to celebrate Sonic's 25th bday, we've got a very creative GHZ ReMix from the judge panel's own Sir_NutS (Paul Michael Molina):

"This remix was made in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Sonic! A lot of people know me for my Sonic remixes, so I really couldn't let the date go by without a remix. It's weird really, I never owned a Genesis (though I did borrow one from time to time from a friend). The only Sega console I owned was the Dreamcast, but when I started remixing, Sonic music felt the most natural fit for me, and it still is some of the most fun music for me to remix.

The name of the song is a homage to other artists well known by their Sonic remixes too, analoq and Rayza, who had a few Sonic remixes named this way. This is a synthwave remix of Green Hill Zone; and I know I've made my fair share of synthwave, and that's why I took a different path this time, as this is a different type of synthwave that I see labeled often as "Outrun." It's much faster and energetic than spacesynth or synthpop, which fits Sonic because gotta go fast. Heavily influenced by synthwave artists like Vanello and Everdune. It may seem very interpretive, and it is, but that may be in part due to the fact that I transposed the whole thing to a minor key, so that gives it a different feel and tone.

This remix is also 90% Roland JU-06. Only a few of the synths were made with Serum and Tal-U-NO, and they're mostly background. One of the leads which has a sync quality to it was doubled with Serum because the JU-06 can't do sync, but most of this was made in my JU-06. I had wanted to make a song using mostly this hardware synth for a while and this was a challenge too given the time constraints and the fact that I program all my synths and that takes time. But it was worth it in my opinion because this little baby is FAT.

I'm very happy with this one and I hope it is a good companion to the anniversary celebrations!"

Very cool! I love the titular homage to other Sonic mixes/mixers, vocoded lyrics lend that spacey/future aesthetic, the hardware synth timbres are indeed obese, but it's the arrangement itself that hits me the strongest; it's an unintuitive but very creative approach to the core GHZ progression & melody. While both are recognizable if you think about it for a second, you can also get lost in this track and forget it's a ReMix, so it strikes an unusual balance of being familiar and completely new; very cool! I'm short on time, but I think Mr. Molina said what needs to be said, and he's crafted a very unique, totally fresh take on the FIRST stage BGM from the FIRST Sonic, 25 years later... a great birthday gift for a hedgehog who, while he may have seen some rough times, has always represented a series with some amazing music!



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on 2016-08-17 04:57:21

i have known nuts a loooong time, and he over and over again he amazes me with the way he writes his music. to write this song in this key and have it sound so good is just kinda funny i suppose. I usually hear WIPs of his tracks, but this one i didnt even know he was writing until i saw it on the front page. Nuts always out-does anything he has previously done. i am not sure how he keep on going, but im sure glad that he does.

awesome job as always :)

on 2016-07-01 11:24:32

Totally unique. Totally original. Thought you couldn't get this level of interpretation without totally abandoning the source material. I was wrong!! I'm not well-versed in this style, but damn, you really capture the ear with this one! Am I the only one that thinks this would have been right at home in the 90's Sonic cartoon? Either way, I think Sonic would be proud about this birthday present.

Trinity Dragon
on 2016-06-25 21:21:25

It's a great mix, very creative. But it's very disconcerting to hear this particular song, especially in the upbeat, synth style, transposed to a minor key. Not saying it's a bad thing, but it has a very haunting sound to it. Which, I think is ironic given the source material.

Nathan Allen Pinard
on 2016-06-24 17:13:55

I love the mix, the only two comments I'd have is the first chord probably should've been minor like the rest, and the harmony on the first part ends up on strange notes as it stays paralell entirely. It shouldn't end on the 6th of the chord like that and stick with 1/3/5 and sometimes 7 or 9 (depending)

on 2016-06-24 16:22:48

Was the original track in a major key? If so, then changing to C minor definitely adds a dark and dramatic flair to what was originally a simple, groovetastic, paradise-y song. Loved Sir Nuts's vocoder on his SF2 Zangief mix and here it's even better. Synth leads are very busy so it takes a few listens to get used to just like some of Willrock's stuff but I like it in the end. Nice original take on Green Hill sir.


on 2016-06-24 04:37:41

A great track by Mike - the moment he showed his WIP to me I was digging this. I'm glad one of us represented Sonic on the 25th anniversary, and doing green hill in his trademark 80's style couldn't have fit the bill better.

on 2016-06-23 13:36:21

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega , 1991, GEN)
Music by Masato Nakamura
"Green Hill Zone"

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Effects > Vocoder

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Sonik Cosmotronik



Flying through space at the speed of light
Across all moons and satellites
Gotta go fast, come take my hand
Infinite space is in our sight

Flying through space at the speed of light
Across all moons and satellites
Gotta go fast, come take my hand




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