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Featuring prominent natural/water ambience, agile electric guitar, layered piccolo, and an appropriate ebb & flow, this ballad from Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma, by HeavyViper (Hal Binderman) & featuring Gamer of the Winds, channels a calm, almost hypnotic vibe:

"Terranigma was a hidden gem in the SNES library, originally only getting a release in Japan and PAL regions. I didn't get a chance to play it when it was released, but I'm a huge fan of one of Quintet's other games, Illusion of Gaia. Quintet games are very striking in tone and script, and they're definitely some of my favourite titles on the platform. It's a real treat to be able to contribute to an album based on one of their works.

Whenever I play Terranigma, I can't help but linger at the sea ports to listen to the BGM, "Call at a Port," so it was obvious which piece I'd have to remix! I started with a clear image in my mind of someone playing the flute alone on the rocks near the sea. Of course, being a guitarist, I then immediately started dialing in surf rock tones. These didn't feel quite right, so I ended up reigning them in a bit and writing a more laid-back and relaxing take on the piece, one that ebbs and flows with the tide.

After hours of tracking guitars, I remembered that this was originally going to be a flute piece. I quickly went about adapting the original melody for flute, adding a harmony for good measure. Then, after throwing a few rough mixes Jorito's way, he introduced me to the very talented Gamer of the Winds, who took a liking to the piece and was kind enough to record some live piccolo tracks for me. They're lovely, and a great deal more convincing than my hacky MIDI efforts!

There's a lot of layering going on in the piece, especially with the guitars, and this was a pain during mixing. While in the past, I've had trouble managing backing instruments like pads and synths, this time it was challenging to get the guitar and flute tracks balanced to my liking. Despite this, I ended up with a mix that moves gently back and forth across the stereo field, flowing like... well, you know.

I'd like to thank Jorito for the invitation to contribute to the album, and Gamer of the Winds for his stellar performances. After all this, I'm really in the mood to take a trip down to the seaside..."

Album co-director & matchmaker extraordinaire Jorito writes:

"Hal is one of those artists whom I have worked with before, since I recruited him for the Secret of Mana album. He did great there, and when the Terranigma album restarted, I made sure to reach out to him to see if he'd be willing to hop on board again. And I am glad I did! His take on "Call at a Port" is a lovely one and, to me, is reminiscent of the music you hear on the various Konami game arrange albums. It evokes a dreamy soundscape that whispers of relaxing waters and the dreams of travel to me.

His original take included a VST whistle in the intro, and while it sounded good, I thought it could be better. Since I have worked with Gregory (Gamer of the Winds) a few times before, I knew that he could take the woodwind parts in this piece to the next level. So, I figured a reach-out would be appropriate, and once I connected Hal and Gregory, they quickly joined forces and made it really shine."

I never heard the initial version, but I'd have to agree that Gregory's addition/inclusion adds quite a bit, lending the guitar more capable, emotive flute accompaniment and taking the spotlight more than once; great stuff. Last but not least, album co-director Trism adds:

"I'm always amazed when two people who have never worked together can come together and make amazing music. Which of course is exactly what has happened here. Gamer of the Winds' contribution really lifts this to a whole new level, while HeavyViper's arrangement is wonderfully reminiscent of lazy evenings by the beach, watching the tides roll in. The almost ethereal guitar work and the minimal percussion are a great combination and give everything a dream-like quality. Everything comes together to create a very chill, laid-back experience."

What they said; great work from Hal & Gregory on a piece that vividly conjures its subject matter and offers picturesque coastal reflection.



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on 2020-03-29 23:53:34

Ah, this is transcendent. I remember being enamored with the port theme, a surprisingly well developed theme for a brief step of the Terranigma journey. Thank you both for making this tribute.

on 2020-03-28 16:48:52

Solid work here. It's beautiful!

on 2020-03-24 13:32:48

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