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ToeJam & Earl? In MY BadAss? It's more likely than you think... BadAss: Paragons & Renegades makes room for the alien rap duo from Funkotron, as Garpocalypse (Ryan Davis) completely transforms "ToeJam Slowjam" into a righteous rock/metal romp, complete with blazin' synth wankage from WillRock! Ryan writes:

"I've been meaning to do a rearrangement of something from this glorious OST by John Baker since I started doing OC ReMixes years ago. However, I felt that I could neither do the game justice nor make anything that could stand with the 2 other remixes on the site from the early days of the absolute musical juggernauts that are Jake Kaufman and Joshua Morse. When the call came that the legendary BadAss album project was reviving for another installment, I decided to finish this idea I had for a funk/power metal take on "ToeJam Slowjam," because there was no way that I would have been satisfied if I did not at least try to get in on this project.

During the near final stages of the track, I was still slamming my head off of my desk trying to figure out what more I could do to really drive this remix home and contacted long-time OC ReMix solo specialist and all-around good guy WillRock, who agreed to do up one of his solos for a section of the remix. It all came together to make for something I am very proud of and hope you all find it as enjoyable as I do.

ToeJam & Earl being the first game I ever personally owned the day that I received a Sega Genesis makes this a very special remix for me, and I am thrilled to have been a part of this project with the many other great musicians that are part of this community."

On paper, I admit I have a hard time conceptualizing a high-octane metal take on this theme, but Ryan makes it work, and the searing synth solo from Will is icing on the cake. I dig how even with the shreddage and power-anthem vibes, that iconic FM bass still gets some play, and overall this was yet another surprise on the album & a welcome fourth featured mix of TJ&E for OCR. Director David L. Puga writes:

"Picture it: ToeJam & Earl driving, weaving in and out of traffic in fast cars, doing heists... making heists? Whatever the right way to say it, I imagine it happening while listening to this track. It's a funky, metal-as-hell track that gots them old school bleep bloops, that there slap bass, a bit of guitar wankery & is just a damn fun time all around!"

Entire last sentence bolded for emphasis - yes! Co-director Pavos adds:

"Awwww yea! A funky bassline, pumping synths, rockin' drums - this mix has got it all! I can't listen to this song while sitting still; even when I'm trying, my foot just jams along with this glorious package of energy and cool vibes. Put on your sunglasses and/or your cap and ride along with this mix that blends the retro sounds and vibe of the original with modern synth solos and drums!"

What they both said; high-energy fun, taking Baker's explicitly funky & laid-back groove and going a little crazy with it, in a good way. That's it for today, but we'll be back with more soon - in the meantime, help us spread the news & enjoy BadAss: Paragons & Renegades!!



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on 2020-12-06 06:25:43

This one took me by surprise, that's for sure. A funky metal ToeJam Earl remix? I guess that's a thing now, haha. Seriously, this is such a fun track! Tight guitar performances? Yes! Groovy drums? Yes! Lively brass stabs? Yes! Hyperactive Genesis-ish bassline that's just poking your brain? Yes! And to top it all of, crazy synth soloing? YES! So what's not to like? And man, the second part when the track basically goes off the rails is sooooooo good! Very solid work, gentlemen!

P.S. that fake ending :D

on 2020-12-02 22:25:22

O sweet. This one made it through the panel.

Somehow. :]

Thanks again @WillRock for doing a great solo on short notice for this. It really tied the room together as the Big Lebowski fans tend to say.

Link to the music video for the track. I think you'll tell how much i love this damn game.

on 2020-11-29 21:03:28

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