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    I am just an average joe/musician who is trying to make a living in musik and stuff. In my free time (when I have any) I like to play music, listen to music, write music, play my guitar, play my synth, remix various game tunes and essentially anything music related. Lots of music.

    About my remixes, I use reason 4 primarily, but I also use Ableton Live on occasion.

    As for collaboration, I am more than happy to help you out with whatever you might need me for, but I am a busy guy so I might not have the time.
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    William Harby
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  1. This isn't actually a Rhapsody, what were you thinking???
  2. Alright, i'll bite and post some stuff. Probably more well known since I don't delve into the depths of Power/Melodic Metal but here we go: Always loved this one just because its such a brutal assault of metal and doesn't try to be anything else. One of those silly, uplifting power metal songs Well known band but I think this is one of their better album cuts Something a little more unknown, more "normal" metal than power metal but the riffs and duel guitar solos are awesome. (there isn't a decent upload of this song outside the alb
  3. You guys who named me as inspirational <3 Ok when it comes to remixers that inspired me from OCR there are 3 people who instantly pop in my head - @Sixto, @bLiNd and @zircon. Sure there are other remixers I could probably name but they were some of the most striking remixers I found here from an early age and helped shape my own style. Also, this is going to sound super corny but you can't have a question like this and not mention @djpretzel - Sometimes I don't think people give him enough credit, creating this site - When I joined in what? 2008? The site had already been going f
  4. I wanna quote this for emphasis - Marketing is the name of the game and while I know that, I don't pretend to know what i'm doing, (I don't have a clue lol), so naturally my music doesn't reach as wide an audience. Zircon - he might even deny it and say he was "lucky" I dunno, but he seems to have a pretty good amount of success with a lot of things he does, be it music, plug-in creation or game development and I can only assume that he has some business knowledge others simply lack, or (just as likely or perhaps not exclusively) he just has the right mindset to figure out how the world w
  5. mmm, if I can expand on your point without derailing too much - When I started remixing, my thought process was "people who hear my remixes will be interested in what I do" - which generally isn't the case in my experience. Yes, you get people who follow you and what you do, but in general, people will just stick to where they want to be. People who find me on youtube stay on youtube, people on OCR stay on OCR, people on New Retro Wave stay there etc etc. The mistake I made was assuming that people were interested in ME, but they're just interested in whatever site I use to promote myself. Sud
  6. Yeah idea of ownership can get a little questionable sometimes. You can of course go too far the other way - "This piece of music isn't mine because I didn't make the guitar I used in this from scratch and I didn't record it with a microphone I made, or record it with a mixing desk I made. I did do that for THIS track but the individual parts I used for building all this stuff I bought on Ebay. Then there's this track, where I used my own human voice, but it uses notes that other people have used before. This note (A3) is used in at 543,520 tracks i've heard so far, i've been counting.. I must
  7. I dunno, Going to play devil's advocate since I do have some different opinions on this - While I personally would say my mixes are my own to an extent (after all, I throw plenty of original content into my remixes), I wouldn't go as far as saying what we're doing are collaborations by any definition. When I'm working with another remixer on a track, or working with a friend, that to me is a collaboration. it has to be agreed on and both parties need to have some sort of impact on the final product. This idea that you think of "all artistic creation as a collaboration" - its a nice idea but to
  8. Maybe this is the wrong reason but my primary reason for remixing was always to get an audience for my music. I succeeded, got a small following on Youtube, came to OCR and used it to improve my craft. I've been doing this for 10 years, I've got about... 80 Remixes under my belt? Probably more. It could be approaching the 3 digit mark. I've got 50 remixes on OCR, thats a nice round number imo. I don't have any incentive to remix anything atm. I'm doing my original work, I wanna become more known for that in the long term and my remixes still eclipse what I do musically. Never say never but rem
  9. So i've heard a few versions of this thing and while part of me is impacted by "its different now its not as good" mentality, its fascinating to me just how much his music changes from the WIP stage to the finished product. I think the Frank Zappa comparison is pretty legit - its got that kinda wild almost humous creative streak to it thats so zany its funny. That said, I'm still not entirely sure where all these crazy ideas even come from - its like crazy wacky alien music with a pulse. I will close this out by saying that I fucking love Sir J I want to have his incredibly funky babies.
  10. I'd definitely consider keeping an eye on this forum. I've got a few jobs from here
  11. I disagree... I reckon I keep myself fairly musically consistent (I'm just as prolific as I ever was imo) and I get certainly get plagued by issues of not knowing what to do next, wondering if its good enough, wondering if I'm repeating myself... I'll have amazing ideas one day that I like, then i'll hit a wall. Come back later, wall is still there, no good ideas, I go away, do something else, wall is still there. I make other stuff in the meantime but I have loads of unfinished tracks currently that i'm STUCK on. Often the reason is because i've made and heard SO MUCH music that coming up wit
  12. Someone posted this shit on my facebook and I decided to wander here to see what was going on lol. I am too busy to do this i'm afraid, but its probably a good thing, I'd crush you all anyway >:D Maybe next time!
  13. Just remember... if you like it, it is good. At it's core don't worry about pleasing others. Please yourself. If you like it then thats fantastic. If you don't, work on it until you do. Other people don't need to be involved, but if you're struggling, a second opinion might help you make sense of what you're making. The end result makes the self-doubt worth it. Fight through it.
  14. Remember a time when The Author had the highest post count on the OverClocked Remix Forums? Pepperidge Farm Remembers.
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