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    I am just an average joe/musician who is trying to make a living in musik and stuff. In my free time (when I have any) I like to play music, listen to music, write music, play my guitar, play my synth, remix various game tunes and essentially anything music related. Lots of music.

    About my remixes, I use reason 4 primarily, but I also use Ableton Live on occasion.

    As for collaboration, I am more than happy to help you out with whatever you might need me for, but I am a busy guy so I might not have the time.
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  1. WillRock

    Advice on Channeling Creativity from Anxiety

    Just remember... if you like it, it is good. At it's core don't worry about pleasing others. Please yourself. If you like it then thats fantastic. If you don't, work on it until you do. Other people don't need to be involved, but if you're struggling, a second opinion might help you make sense of what you're making. The end result makes the self-doubt worth it. Fight through it.
  2. WillRock

    Are any of my old friends still alive?

    Remember a time when The Author had the highest post count on the OverClocked Remix Forums? Pepperidge Farm Remembers.
  3. This mix is 100% midi 10/10 Hahahaha seriously tho, this is a pretty cool mix. Really nice humanisation on all of the organic instruments, and a really nice arrangement to boot. The question we have to ask ourselves now is... it might be 100% midi but can it DJP??????
  4. I came here for an argument. I thought that was the definition of an argument? An argument is a disagreement of of view points. You saying "I disagreed with his points" is pretty much you saying "I was arguing" Also, you can say you were debating if you like. They're considered one and the same, altho Debating is generally considered a bit more formal and less aggressive I suppose but even so, You could argue (lol) that you were arguing Ok time to stop with the tongue in cheek debatument: I prefer the Genesis/Mega Drive music. More funky. More groovy. Generally speaking. I can certainly appreciate the rock stylings of the Crush 40 stuff tho
  5. That basically tells me its interchangeable and in the eye of the beholder, which is kinda what I gathered from talking about it with my friends. I guess i'd ask Crush 40 if I wanted an official answer, but if I wrote that piece of music, or wrote something with a drum beat of that speed, I would tell you its 260, not 130. That said, if people found it easier to follow using 130, I wouldn't complain. Its still the same song.
  6. I don't want to derail this thread too much but why is it double time? When exactly does a piece of music go from being "normal tempo" to double time? Is there some element of accenting that i'm missing or is it just because it is considered too fast for the human hear to reasonably compute at that speed? I have no problems following it personally but if you take something from say thrash metal or power metal thats going completely off the wall (e.g. battery by metallica or anything by dragonforce lul), I would probably consider that double time just because trying to follow that with the standard snare on 2nd/4th beats like other songs is just bonkers, and often, those songs have half time (or normal time?) sections to balance out the utter crazy, making it easier to consider those things double time. In contrast, City Escape is always at the same frantic pace. However, looking it up, it looks like officially its 130 so yes, Suavedandy, I will concede this point, but I don't fully understand why hahaha. Again, don't want to derail the thread, but i'm curious - I asked quite a few of my music friends from OCR and about half thought it was 130, half thought it was 260, so...
  7. City escape is about 260 bpm, I checked. Seriously, take the original file and put a metronome over it. Its much faster than the track you linked there so... I will agree that catchy doesn't inherently mean good. To take a song everyone seems to unanimously hate - Friday by Rebecca Black - that could be considered catchy I reckon. It certainly sticks in the brain and makes it rot. I'd like to point out something you said earlier: Seems to me you're pretty much stating pop punk, Crush 40 and well... a LOT of music is bad. Saying something is "down right horrible" usually means "bad" in my experience. As for you voicing your opinion, you seem to be going a bit beyond that - For example, I'm not sure what you mean by statistics. Who's statistics are you talking about? What is it based on? Subjective opinion? Who's opinion? Yours? Are you saying that you think most music is bad or have you read something and believe it? This is where I I question if it is your "opinion" because you seem to be talking about something beyond that. You're talking like you did some research and found out that in fact, these songs are objectively bad, and we're all wrong for liking it. Maybe i'm overthinking what you're saying but that is how you're coming across to me, reading your posts.
  8. Ok lets examine these claims. How are the melodies boring? From my perspective, they're pretty catchy imo, they certainly stick in my head. The guitar work, if you analyse it is a lot more than just guitar chords like you suggested, there are lots of cool little melodies thrown in there. Its a lot more creative than a lot of backing guitar work imo, and the solos are pretty neat too. Not sure why you're comparing them to megadeth either, megadeth are thrash, and Dave Mustine is known for having some of the most crazy and intricrite lead and rhythm playing of all time, he's a complete monster, and don't get me started on their bassist Dave Ellefson, who does some completely insane stuff. Its like looking at a painting and going "its not as detailed as Leonardo Da Vinci's work, therefore, it must be worthless" So... tempo.... The majority of the sonic songs i've heard are around the 160-200 mark? Thats pretty fast honestly. What is your definition of slow exactly? For me, Hotel California is slow. Sweet Home Alabama is slow. Sonic heroes main theme and escape to the city are pretty damn speedy, and open your heart and live and learn are upbeat romps. I'd hardly call sonic music slow, in fact when I think of modern day sonic music, I automatically think of pretty fast, frantic pop rock so I STRONGLY disagree with you there. Also, you're talking about the quality of music when it is a completely subjective thing. Simple does not mean boring. It might mean boring to YOU but some people like that. Some people find megadeth too fast, too aggressive, with hard to follow arrangements and weird change ups that don't make a lot of sense to them. Some people find that really refreshing. Led Zeppelin are one of the greatest bands of all time - I consider their music boring sometimes. They can make some amazingly intricate and amazing compositions... then some of their songs have 1 bar long riffs that repeat endlessly, but sometimes thats the point - its about mood, its about feel, its not about musical complexity - thats why 4 on the floor beats are so popular in clubs, because it is easy to dance and groove to it. I think thats why Led Zeppelin are so special, they had something for everyone while keeping to a very cohesive and identifiable sound. I don't want to sound patronising but you need to stop thinking about music as good vs bad and try to understand why someone else might enjoy it. Just because you personally don't like something doesn't make it completely worthless, or "bad".
  9. WillRock

    David Wise appreciation thread

    I strongly recommend the All Your Bass festival podcast, really interesting stuff that showed the different viewpoints and work processes of the different composers. Protodome and I were both there listening. Was a bit of a crazy line up they got in there. Really fucking badly marketed tho, there were only like 20 people watching the thing, including us.
  10. WillRock

    David Wise appreciation thread

    Lol at Meteo turning this from "David Wise appreciation thread" to "lets hate on David Wise as a person thread".
  11. WillRock

    Too many projects in general

    Based on what you just told me, it sounds like you're being quite ambitious. Why are you making a 23 track album? Why are they over 1 minute each? Change the rules to fit your workflow. Unless you're doing it for someone else, then let it flow naturally. YES - make your plans but if it doesn't go to that plan thats ok. Plan on making a 10 minute epic? Its ended up 3 minutes long? Ok fine, NEXT TRACK. You say you have an album of 23 wips. Ok. You don't need to use half of them. You could finish off 5 of them and call it an EP? How long are said tracks? Well they could be 2 minutes each if you so desired. Take it where it is heading naturally. Trying to beat out a preconceived idea is not the way to go I find. Try just... letting an idea flow and don't worry about sticking to a brief so rigidly and just see what happens. You might find you finish more stuff and you enjoy yourself more to boot. Guidelines are great... but don't let them hold you back.
  12. I've had an old version of this on my computer for the last like 8 years. It is nice it finally gets the attention it deserves, this has always been one of my favourites
  13. WillRock

    OCR01345 - Ninja Gaiden 2 "Ninjascape"

    Wondering what the bet is that the intro to this song inspired the intro to this remix...
  14. WillRock

    Gario, that horrible, horrible person

    Not a judge anymore but when I was a disgusting monster known as a jooj, if I felt if the track had potential, I'd add the resub tag. Its for those mixes that have potential to be mixposts but in their current form don't quite make the cut. Its not like Conditional where we're talking like 1 small update required, it might need a bit of fixing, but not enough where it would need a complete overhaul to be posted. The idea is that if you send a resub track to a judge, they will fast track it on the queue for you. However if something is really quite far from the standards and would require big updates to be postable we'd just slap it with a big phat nope.
  15. WillRock

    Castlevania anime on Netflix

    Gotta admit, I was fucking excited for this. So episodes.... 4 episodes is a smart move imo, but I mean... was this ever going to flop? Castlevania has a good fanbase, do it justice and people would watch it. 4 Episodes wasn't enough for me to get completely invested. Story wise, it felt disjointed, what with Draculas backstory being the entire first episode. Seemed weird. The Church thing, honestly, I found it a bit boring, however, by the time the 4th episode hit, I felt things picked up, I liked how it managed to work in the introduction of alucard but it made me kinda sad that it ended just as it was getting interesting. Artwork was cool, i've heard about issues with animation being static at points but I didn't notice anything offputting personally. I loved the fire stuff in the first episode, looked really cool, and the fight scenes were really well done imo. The Gore was cool, but might have been slightly overdone for my tastes. Blood and guts galore, but it is based on fucking Castlevania so blood and guts is ok I guess. Voice acting was hit and miss. I could tell who the side characters were as soon as they opened their mouths because of the quality of their voice acting. The main cast was great tho, Richard Armitage as Trevor was awesome. Also, might seem a bit weird but I took minor issue with the swearing. I'm all for swearing, I'm a fucking swear machine myself, but here's the thing - Episode 1 seemed to have no swearing I noticed (probably had a bit but a healthy amount) - followed by 1 character at the end who was swearing so much it was like he had a goal to see how many times he could use the word "fuck" in a single sentence. Honestly, it was a tad off-putting. Lastly, the music. This for me, was the missing ingredient. Couldn't they have licensed music from the games? Ok, lets give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they can't. They didn't even try to keep to the feel or style of the games music. Instead of some almost neo-classical music we're treated to boring mood music with very little melodic content. Heck, the main theme was that typical "duh-duh-duh-duh" stuff popularised by Hans Zimmers work on The Dark Knight Trilogy. Highly disappointing there. Overall, it might seem i'm being very nitpicky and hyper critical but yeah, this did feel a bit... weak. It was ok, but it could have been better. Heck, for a video game adaption, we should probably just be happy with what we get at this point hahahaha. In any case, I'm hoping Season 2 will be better.