Posted 2022-06-15, evaluated by Emunator

Absolutely delicious & nutritious dubstep take on SMW2's "Castle & Fortress" from Rockos (Roch Côté), who delivers squelches, wubs, and all manner of bitcrushed/glitched goodness:

"This song has been remixed already a couple times. And this is pretty understandable. The source is catchy.

But it's started rather weird for me. I had this setting on a keyboard that sounded like rain and thunder. I was willing to use it, but where? And by fiddling with it, I was able to come with an intro that sounded like the "Song of Storms" from Zelda. But also as the song in Super Mario World 2. They share something. So it soon became "Castle & Fortress" remix. Since it was already moody, I transformed it into spooky dubstep distortion-oriented mix. This song had multiple iteration over the last couple years. (Yes, I could not settle on something I liked. Took multiple try.)

The part that I loved the most working on was destroying the soundscape itself (first heard at :56-:57) and was part of what I was going for. The goal was to use it a lot through the mix.

I feel like my mix is not on par with the ones that are already there. I still think it might compliment those since it has a different soundscape. I hope you find a place in your heart for this little piece I have been working on and off.

Also, careful, the mastering is on the loud side. I think it's part of the style in itself."

While this source has seen a LOT of legendary action, I think Roch's take is absolutely worthy of such company, and his embrace of sound mangling really elevates the dubstep genre work & offers some sick surprises. The little "whoa" voice, the layered, modulated bit reduction, and the deep, focused bass all combine for a satisfying impact; Emunator evaluated & concurs:

"Roch, you're being far too modest in your submission letter, this stands alongside the other remixes of the same theme in our catalog perfectly well!

This remix takes all of the catchiest elements from the original "Castle" theme and runs it through an absolute musical meatgrinder in the best way. It's hard to hone in on any singular element that makes this such a pleasure to listen to, because there is truly a LOT going on here... but if I had to call out one, the syncopated squelchy bassline that tails along with the lead melody is a bold choice that works fantastically. The Pac-Man-esque chip arps at 1:56 also caught my ear. Nice work!"

Decisions were made, risks were taken, and clearly some rumination & refinement happened over the months & years... but it was all worth it; Roch has upped his production game & this one hits hard, has a clear focus/concept, and executes brilliantly. Very nice, and by "nice" I mean rude, abrasive, & wonderfully creative - enjoy!



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on 2022-06-30 12:10:56

Very well done!

on 2022-06-16 16:57:30

Really enjoyed this! Your 'Through the Castle' remix from 2012 was always a favourite of mine, and it's great to hear how you've matured as an artist over those 10 years. Very fitting that this one is from SMW2 as well. The remix sequel to the game's sequel :)

Sound design is amazing in this one. The 3/4 time signature makes it sound so playful and mischievous, even though it hits hard. Top stuff!

on 2022-06-12 12:45:23
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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Nintendo , 1995, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Castle & Fortress"

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