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Computer Music (UK)

"The Ultimate Lead Sound", #105, pages 36-40, Paul "nervous_testpilot" Taylor (uncredited), October 2006 (released September 21, 2006)

User Friendly

"Link of the Day: The soundtrack of a mis-spent youth", J.D. Frazer, September 12, 2006

Game Music Radio

"The Next Level", #9 ("The Megas and zircon & pixietricks of"), Brian "Galvatron" DiDomenico & Becky "Aktrez" Young, September 11, 2006

Music 4 Games

"OverClocked ReMix releases Chipamp", David "djpretzel" Lloyd, August 29, 2006
Chipamp: Press release.


"The Emergence of Video Game Musicians", Robert Workman, August 23, 2006

Hipster, please!

"Reverence Through ReMixing", Z., August 15, 2006


"OverClocked ReMix", Baltimore Convention Center (Panel 4, 10AM), Baltimore, MD, August 4, 2006

  • Presenters: djpretzel (David Lloyd), Geoffrey Taucer (Jeremy Waters), Liontamer (Larry Oji), pixietricks (Jillan Goldin), zircon (Andrew Aversa)
  • Performance: Chrono Trigger "Town Life" ~ djpretzel (David Lloyd), Geoffrey Taucer (Jeremy Waters) [arranging "Peaceful Days", originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda]
  • Performance: Chrono Trigger "The Place We Knew" ~ pixietricks (Jillan Goldin), zircon (Andrew Aversa) [originally arranged by Reuben Kee, arranging "To Far Away Times", originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda]
Highlights from OverClocked ReMix's Otakon 2006 presentation

Game Music Radio

"The Next Level", #8 ("Push Start and djpretzel"), Brian "Galvatron" DiDomenico & Becky "Aktrez" Young, July 23, 2006


"GameSetInterview: OC ReMix's djpretzel", Alistair Wallis, July 5, 2006

The Entertainment Depot

"Tommy Tallarico, Composer/Producer of Video Games Live, chats with EntDepot", Jayson "Arcubalis" Napolitano, June 28, 2006
Earthworm Jim Anthology

"Time Warp: Sonic Turns 15", Douglass C. Perry, June 23, 2006
Hedgehog Heaven


"GoNintendo interview: Tommy Tallarico's Earthworm Jim project", Kevin "RawmeatCowboy" Cassidy, June 14, 2006
Earthworm Jim Anthology

"Tommy Tallarico reveals Earthworm Jim music remix project", Richard "drumlord" Brownell, June 11, 2006
Earthworm Jim Anthology

Music 4 Games

"OverClocked ReMix releases Street Fighter II Turbo remix project", June 7, 2006
Blood on the Asphalt: Press release.


"Video Games Live Gets OC ReMix Podcast", Simon "simonc" Carless, June 7, 2006

Video Games Live

Meet and Greet, Merriam Theater, Philadelphia, PA, June 3, 2006

Game Informer

"Listen Up!", #157, page 119, May 2006


"Follin's Prime Gone, Not Forgotten - Remixers", Simon "simonc" Carless, April 30, 2006
Dirge for the Follin

FSView / Florida Flambeau

"Remixes clock in", Richard Snyder, April 13, 2006

Game.EXE (Russia)

#3, DVD insert, March 2006
Chrono Symphonic


"Interview with OC ReMix's djpretzel", John Ondrey, February 17, 2006


"Media Consumption: Raven Software's Jim Shepard", Brandon Sheffield, February 10, 2006

Ars Technica

"Remixed versions of your favorite Chrono Trigger songs. Go on, don't click this. Try it", Ben Kuchera, January 7, 2006
Chrono Symphonic


"Free Gaming MP3s to Expand Your Musical Horizons", Nick "Racketboy" Reichert, January 2, 2006


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