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"OC ReMix: From Fans to Game Maestros", Timothy Geigner, Dec. 28

"Fan's View: Videogame Remixes and OC ReMix", Nadia Oxford, Nov. 23

16bit Justice Society

"Interview with zircon, aka Andrew Aversa", Gideon Dabi, Oct. 31


"Game music of the day: Super Metroid", Jillian Aversa, Oct. 12


"Game music of the day: The Adventures of Bayou Billy", Larry Oji, Oct. 11

GamesBeat (Community Post)

"Interview with the Omegathon Champion: KWolff", Joel Gifford, Sep. 29
PAX Prime 2010


"Sound Byte: Chiptune Music and OverClocked ReMix", Sophia Tong, Sep. 3

My Take Radio (BlogTalk Radio)

"My Take Radio - Episode 39", Rich Butler, Apr. 23

  • Interview: Liontamer (Larry Oji), Austin Creed

"PAX East Music Q&A: Mattias Häggström Gerdt (BlindEdge)", Jeriaska, Apr. 22
PAX East 2010 (Community Blog)

"Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 8 - djpretzel", Taylor Brown, Apr. 11
"Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 7 - SnappleMan", Taylor Brown, Apr. 8
"Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 6 - ella guro", Taylor Brown, Feb. 25
"Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 5 - zircon", Taylor Brown, Feb. 25
"Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 4 - Sixto Sounds", Taylor Brown, Feb. 17
"Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 3 - Level 99", Taylor Brown, Feb. 17
"Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 2 - Cyril the Wolf", Taylor Brown, Feb. 17
"Interview with a ReMixer: Volume 1 - Hemophiliac", Taylor Brown, Feb. 17

Inside Gaming (Machinima)

"OC ReMix Interview at PAX East (Penny Arcade Expo)", Justin Fassino, Apr. 2

  • PAX East 2010 Interview: djpretzel (David W. Lloyd), Liontamer (Larry Oji), Palpable (Vinnie Prabhu), Vigilante (Jesse Taub), zircon (Andrew Aversa)
OCR staff break it down with Machinima at PAX East 2010

Same SkyCast (404)

"World 2-B [Serious Monkey Business]", Eddy "D3stiny_Sm4sher" Fettig, Mar. 21
Serious Monkey Business


"Game music of the day: Donkey Kong Country 2", Brett Elston, Mar. 17

Press the Buttons

"Power Button - Episode 2: OverClocked ReMix Discussion with Larry Oji and David Lloyd", Matthew Green, Joey Davidson & Brad Hilderbrand, Mar. 1

Original Sound Version

"Silly Baboons Discuss Serious Monkey Business!", Audun Sorlie, Feb. 25
Serious Monkey Business


"TalkRadar 89 - Aliens vs Everything", Brett Elston, Chris Anista, Mikel Reparaz & Matthew Keast, Feb. 19


"GameSetInterview: 'Morsel Team on Bringing Indie Colors to Kaleidoscope'", Jeriaska, Feb. 16


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