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Pixel Dynamo

"Celebrate 15 years of OC ReMix with 15 new remixes", George Umbarger, Dec. 14

Yo Soy Un Gamer

"OC ReMix celebra sus 15 años de existencia. Mira lo que hacen para celebrar aquí y ahora.", Manny Ace, Dec. 14


"OC ReMix celebrates 15 years of remixes with more music", Thomas Schulenberg, Dec. 13


"OC ReMix celebrates turning 15 with, yep, you guessed it (Free remixes)", Jordan Devore, Dec. 12


"OverClocked ReMix celebra 15 años recreando lo mejor de la música gamer", Vi­ctor Cardenas, Dec. 11

A.V. Club: Gameological (The Onion)

"The staff and artists of OverClocked ReMix make us a list of their favorite video game-inspired songs", Matt Gerardi, Dec. 11

  • Music Selections: djpretzel (David W. Lloyd), Big Giant Circles (Jimmy Hinson), Chimpazilla (Kristina Scheps), Danny Baranowsky, DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), Liontamer (Larry Oji), Mazedude (Christopher Getman), zircon (Andrew Aversa)

Cuepoint (Medium)

"On Like Donkey Kong: Super Nintendo vs Hip-Hop", Dexter Thomas, Dec. 2

  • Interview: David Wise

Gamer's Rhapsody

"OC ReMix", DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel St. Paul Downtown, St. Paul, MN, Nov. 15-16

  • Panelists: djpretzel (David W. Lloyd), DragonAvenger (Deia Vengen), OA (Andrew Luers)

Top Score (Minnesota Public Radio)

"Composer Andrew Aversa", Emily Reese, Oct. 23

  • Interview: zircon (Andrew Aversa)

Game Informer

"Gamer's Rhapsody Is a New Midwestern Game Convention", Tim Turi, Oct. 21

Game Informer

"Video Games Live Vocalist And 'zircon' Put Their Stamp on Paul McCartney's Destiny Song", Mike Futter, Oct. 10

Game Music Online

"Will Roget Interview: From Transcribing MIDIs to Scoring AAA Titles", Chris Greening, Sep. 15

  • Interview: bustatunez (Will Roget, II)

MAGFest 8.5 (Music and Games Festival)

"OC ReMix: Arranging (and Fanboying Over) Video Game Music Since 1999!", Hilton Alexandria Mark Center (Panels 1, 11:30AM), Alexandria, VA, Sep. 13

  • Panelists: djpretzel (David Lloyd), Arrow (Jarel Jones), DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), Diodes (Amy Hsieh), Level 99 (Stevo Bortz), Liontamer (Larry Oji)


"OC ReMix: Video Game Music = The Greatest Thing Ever!", Baltimore Convention Center (Panel 2, 11:30AM), Baltimore, MD, Aug. 8

  • Presenters: djpretzel (David Lloyd), Arrow (Jarel Jones), DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), José the Bronx Rican (José E. Felix), Level 99 (Stevo Bortz), Palpable (Vinnie Prabhu)

Game Informer

"OverClocked ReMix Celebrates Game Boy's 25th Anniversary with a Tribute Album", Harry Mackin, July 31


"Celebrate the Game Boy's 25th birthday with this free OC ReMix album", Jordan Devore, July 31

Press the Buttons

"OverClocked ReMix Launches Game Boy Remix Album", Matthew Green, July 31

Original Sound Version

"Legacy -- Game Boy 25th Anniversary album released by OC ReMix", Brenna Wilkes, July 31


"OC ReMix: Kicking You in the BUTT with VIDEO GAME MUSIC!!!", Connecticut Convention Center (Panel Room 7, 8:30PM), Hartford, CT, July 12
"OverClocked ReMix: OCR-cade!", Connecticut Convention Center (Panel Room 7, 1PM), Hartford, CT, July 11

  • Panelists: djpretzel (David W. Lloyd), Arrow (Jarel Jones), DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), DragonAvenger (Deia Vengen), Liontamer (Larry Oji)

Reno Game Expo 2

"OverClocked ReMix", Silver Legacy Resort Casino, Reno, NV, July 5

  • Panelists: Flexstyle (Mike Birch), Nutritious (Justin Medford)


"14 Video Games That Changed My Life", Matt Silverman, June 5
Balance and Ruin

Music & The Moving Image IX

"Cooperative Play: Toward Establishing a Ludomusicological Canon", NYU Steinhardt (Room 779, 5PM), New York City, NY, May 31

  • Presentation: BardicKnowledge (Ryan Thompson)


"OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community of Multi-Faceted Awesomeness", Hilton Atlanta (Ring 3, Salon D/E, 1PM), Atlanta, GA, May 24

  • Panelists: Arrow (Jarel Jones), Bahamut (Wesley Cho), DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), Liontamer (Larry Oji)

Fast Company

"The New Playlist For More Productive Work: Video Game Soundtracks", Rebecca Greenfield, May 14

Art Works (National Endowment for the Arts)

"Art Talk with Radio Producer Emily Reese", Paulette Beete, Apr. 16


"Chipmusic, Fakebit and the Discourse of Authenticity in the Chipscene", Marilou Polymeropoulou, Apr. 15

PAX East

"OC ReMix: Hugging & Cuddling Video Game Music Since 1999!", Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (Cuttlefish Theatre, 12PM), Boston, MA, Apr. 13

  • Panelists: DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), Diodes (Amy Hsieh), DragonAvenger (Deia Vengen), José the Bronx Rican (José E. Felix), Level 99 (Stevo Bortz), OA (Andrew Luers), zircon (Andrew Aversa)
Team OCR speaks (and Shaq Fu's) at PAX East 2014 (video by Keith Mitchell/The Outer Haven)


"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shell Shocked es lo nuevo por parte de OC ReMix", gR.-, Apr. 10
Shell Shocked


"This Turtles in Time Tribute Album Freaking Rocks", Timothy Biggar, Apr. 10
Shell Shocked


"Rock out with the TMNT: Turtles in Time tribute album", Hamza Aziz, Apr. 9
Shell Shocked

Conan (TBS)

"Clueless Gamer: AT&T Stadium Edition", Apr. 9
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

At 4:38, Conan O'Brien and Aaron Bleyaert play Super SF2 Turbo HD Remix in AT&T Stadium on one of the largest high-definition television screens in the world!


"Spira Unplugged: Behind Final Fantasy 10 HD's remastered soundtrack", Alexa Ray Corriea, Mar. 18

  • Quotes: BardicKnowledge (Ryan Thompson), Fishy (Cain McCormack), Liontamer (Larry Oji)

What Culture

"5 Brilliant Remixes of Legendary Game Scores You Need to Hear", Ryan Bowman, Mar. 6


"Free 8-bit Chiptune & Video Game Music Downloads [Sound Sunday]", Tina Sieber, Mar. 3

Game Over Baltimore 3.0

"OverClocked University", The Metro Gallery (8:25PM), Baltimore, MD, Mar. 1

  • Performers: OverClocked University [Diodes (Amy Hsieh), Level 99 (Stevo Bortz), Thomas Colegrove]


"OC ReMix dedicates this to all the Cids in the audience", Darren Nakamura, Feb. 20
Audio Engineering

Game Informer

"Media Shelf", #251, page 41, Ben Reeves, March 2014
Temporal Duality

Nintendo Life

"GameChops releases Club Kong: A Modern Jazz Remix of Donkey Kong Music", Samantha Sofka, Feb. 10

London Anime & Gaming Con

"OC ReMix Live", Rocket Complex (Downstairs Stage, 4:30 PM), London Metropolitan University, London, Feb. 8

  • Panelists & Performers: Fishy (Cain McCormack), PROTO·DOME (Blake Troise), Rexy (Beverley Wooff), WillRock (William Harby)


"To OC or Not to OC, That Is the ReMix", Cat Bandit, Issue 245 (March 2014), Jan. 30

  • Interview: djpretzel (David W. Lloyd), DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), Jillian Aversa, Liontamer (Larry Oji), zircon (Andrew Aversa)

Last Minute Continue

"OverClocked ReMix Speeds Up Operations & Launches Own Record Label", Kevin Eva, Jan. 24
OverClocked Records


"OC ReMix launches new label OverClocked Records", Dale North, Jan. 23
OverClocked Records

Higher Plain Music

"OverClocked ReMix launches OverClocked Records", Simon "Sitorimon" Smith, Jan. 23
OverClocked Records

The Game Effect

"OC ReMix lanches OverClocked Records for Original VG Music", Arnulfo Hermes, Jan. 22
OverClocked Records

Population GO

"OC ReMix Launches Their Own Record Label", Calvin Carter, Jan. 22
OverClocked Records

J1 Studios

"J1 Studios Interview: Larry Oji", Forrest "Forrest Fire" Shamilan, Jan. 17

  • MAGFest 12 Interview: Liontamer (Larry Oji)
Larry talks with J1's young gun Forrest Fire on the basics of OCR

Capcom Unity

"For Everlasting Peace alternate cover art", Brett Elston, Jan. 7
For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man

MAGFest 12 (Music and Games Festival)

"How Can I Make Video Game Music ReMixes?!?", Gaylord Covention Center (Panels 4, 8:30PM), National Harbor, MD, Jan. 4

  • Panelists: DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), Diodes (Amy Hsieh), Level 99 (Stevo Bortz), zircon (Andrew Aversa)

"VGM Composer POWER PANEL: Tips on Getting 'Lucky'", Gaylord Covention Center (Panels 2, 5PM), National Harbor, MD, Jan. 4

  • Panelists: Moderator - Liontamer (Larry Oji), Big Giant Circles (Jimmy Hinson), bustatunez (Wilbert Roget, II), Jeff Ball, Jillian Aversa, Tommy Tallarico, zircon (Andrew Aversa)

"OverClocked University", Gaylord Covention Center (Stage 2, 4PM), National Harbor, MD, Jan. 3

  • Performers: OverClocked University [Diodes (Amy Hsieh), DragonAvenger (Deia Vengen), Level 99 (Stevo Bortz), OA (Andrew Luers), Thomas Colegrove]

"OC ReMix: Honoring/Cuddling Video Game Music Since 1999!!!", Gaylord Covention Center (Panels 3, 12:30PM), National Harbor, MD, Jan. 3

  • Panelists: Chimpazilla (Kristina Scheps), DarkeSword (Shariq Ansari), Diodes (Amy Hsieh), Flexstyle (Michael Birch), José the Bronx Rican (José E. Felix), Level 99 (Stevo Bortz), Liontamer (Larry Oji), OA (Andrew Luers), zircon (Andrew Aversa)


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